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Same Sex Marriage Fails In Northern Ireland For 5th Time

Northern Ireland has again rejected same sex marriage but by less votes each consecutive time … [continue reading]


OFSTED Unfair to Christian Schools

The Catholic Education Service has made a written complaint to the House of Commons that Ofsted inspectors are “unfairly influenced” by “inaccurate presumptions about Catholic schools” … [continue reading]

David Cameron Believes Traditional Marriage Supporters Are Neanderthals

David Camerons biographer has revealed that Mr Cameron privately labeled opponents to gay marriage as Neanderthals … [continue reading]

Government Counter-Terrorism Legislation May Include National Register for Faith Leaders and Compulsory Government Training

A leaked document obtained by the London Telegraph reveals extremely troubling proposals by the government to REGISTER all faith leaders in the UK … [continue reading]

Assisted Dying Bill Defeated in Commons

A Bill that would have allowed terminally ill people the right to kill themselves has been soundly rejected in the House of Commons … [continue reading]

Eradicating Disease By Experimenting on Unborn Children

Scientists want to have a public debate to decide what they are allowed to do to unborn babies … [continue reading]


True Labour Returns

Jeremy Corbyn, the current favourite to lead Labour has vowed to bring the legal killing of unborn babies and the redefinition-into-oblivion of marriage to Northern Ireland. Welcome back true Labour! A welcome reminder that true leftists hate the things the Christian God holds most dear.

Cleaning Up Manchester Includes Removing Street Preachers

Manchester city council lumps Christian street preaches together with illegal street sellers … [continue reading]

UK Taxes are Funding Foreign Countries That Persecute Christians

£2.7 billion a year is given by the British government in foreign aid to countries who imprison, beat and even execute Christians for their faith. When a politician takes other people’s money (taxes) he cares little for the real impact it will have on helping the poor.

To most politicians (especially socialist politicians) other people’s money is used to make themselves look good and perhaps buy their re-election. The news headlines all report how generous Great Britain is under David Cameron and that is as far as they go. Only those who dig deeper discover that most of the money is wasted on corrupt regimes, nepotism or increasing state power over the populace, the poor see very little.

Anti-Terrorism Laws Will Label Bible-Believing Christians As Terrorists

EDOs will be used to silence anyone who preaches (and now teaches) anything the government doesn’t like! If you disagree with government defined morality about sex or religion and speak about it in public you could be “EDO-ed”. Being “Edo-ed means losing the ability to publish anything, or speak in public – so basically be given less rights than in communist China! Thank you progressives!

Claire Fox, founder and director of the Institute of Ideas summs it up – “Apparently a British value now is a positive acceptance of what the Government has told you it is”.


Intolerance against Christians Unnoticed By Ofsted

Both the Department of Education and Ofsted have been deafeningly silent when it comes to anti-Christian bullying in schools. As I have said many times equality legislation is not meant to protect equal rights for all but to promote certain groups at the expense of others depending on the government’s whim.

I suppose ignoring Chistian persectution in schools would fit with David Cameron’s comments about being “intolerant of intolerance”. Progressives like David Cameron believe in their heart or hearts that Bible-believing Christianity is intolerant. It is therefore consistent for them to believe the state must be “intolerant” to Bible-believing Christians. The conclusion of this progressive reasoning is that Christians forfeit their right to protection from the state because of their “intolerance”.

Outrage Over the High Price of Killing Unborn Babies In Northern Ireland

Killing unborn babies is illegal in Northern Ireland but legal in the rest of the UK. This means that mothers who want to kill their unborn children must pay for the “surgery” themselves rather than have the UK tax payer foot the bill.

It is tragic that young women have been so indoctrinated into progressive morality by the media and school “sex-ed” lessons that they place their made-up right to “sex without consequence” over the real right to life of unborn human beings. Even more gauling is that they then complain that it is too expensive to dispose of their baby, so everybody else should pay instead.

More Gay Characters In Children’s TV Say Lib Dems

Norman Lamb, a leadership candidate for the Liberal Democrat party in Great Britain has stated that there needs to be more LGBT representation in children’s TV. He specifically mentioned that our beloved Peppa Pig should have more gay characters… [continue reading]

Public Prosecution Service Seeks To Prosecute Evangelical Pastor For Calling Islam Satanic

The PPS is doing its best to prove all the concerns about “hate laws” silencing legitimate debate correct … [continue reading]


Christian Discrimination Victory A Small Drop In The Ocean

A Christian nursery worker who was fired for speaking God’s rules about marriage has won her discrimination claim against her employer. PRAISE THE LORD! … [continue reading]

Apparently Only Certain Homosexuals Have The Right To Be Heard

A recent court ruling has found in favour of Transport For London in their decision to ban an ad campaign that dared to suggest that not all people who feel same-sex attraction want to live the “progressive” definition of the homosexual lifestyle… [continue reading]


Ashers Discrimination Cake Ruling Means It is Now As Good As Illegal To Oppose Gay Marriage

A family-owned Christian bakery in Northern Ireland has been found guilty of sexual discrimination, not against a person, but against the secular view of marriage.

The bakery refused to bake a cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan on it and so have been found guilty of discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation. This landmark ruling is another nail in the coffin for Christian values in British society.

Forget tolerance, the progressive agenda wants the total annihilation of Christian values and the relegation of Bible believing Christians to 2nd class citizens or worse, in our once Christian nation. Very sad!

New Terror Laws Will Become A Terror To Democracy

David Cameron has carried on Tony Blair’s progressive legacy of “hate crimes” with wanton abandon.

I often feel that David Cameron would have been more suited to New Labour than the Conservatives considering his penchant for redefining away traditional values and replacing them with liberal progressive “made-up” values… [continue reading]

Aberystwyth University Can’t Get Away With Burning Bibles Yet But It Can Ban Them

Liberal/leftist God-haters show their proficiency in community organising by banning Bibles at Aberystwyth University Halls on a minority vote.

Christians need to wake up to this sort of sham “political” process and make our voices heard. Staying silent is a vote against God!

Ashers Bakery is Found Guilty of Sexual Discrimination

It is a very sad day for Christianity and indeed for freedom and democracy in Great Britain. Today is the day that a Christian bakery has been found guilty of discrimination for refusing to bake a cake with a “support gay marriage” slogan on it… [continue reading]


Stormont Rejects Gay Marriage for the 4th Time

The Northern Ireland parliament has again rejected the liberal/progressive onslaught to redefine marriage …[continue reading]

Christian NHS worker appeals ruling she bullied Muslim colleague by praying for her

It is a sad day when our once Christian society decides that praying for someone is actually “bullying” them and should be punished with disciplinary action. The current secular mantra is that religion should be a private matter, not talked about in the public arena, let alone at work. The secular powers that be, who consider themselves as bastions of tolerance and diversity won’t allow Christians to speak about their faith in the public arean, or the work place. They haven’t quite managed to ban us speaking about God in our own houses yet but they are working on that one too when they try and force anti-Christian values down our kids throats.

Redefining Gods Institution of Marriage to Suit the Secularists

God gave us marriage to be the foundational structure of society. As such, a society that seeks the blessings of God must also honour the rules of God concerning marriage …[continue reading]


Faith schools ‘damaged by British values curriculum’, says MP

Counter-extremism plans must be for radical Islam not extremist Catholics!

A conservative MP will finally say what so many are thinking… that counter-extremism plans are targeting the wrong Faiths.

The idea of radicalised Catholics being turning into homicidal Jihadis is absurd. Surely a “radicalised” Catholic is just a monk! Hardly worth calling MI5 over! But they don’t preach/teach secularist-progressive ideas of British values…better shut them down!

Gay Cake Row Victim Felt “Unworthy”

Offending a gay activist is far worse than offending the Creator of the Universe in the new “morality”.

Gareth Lee, the victim/gay activist in the Ashers gay cake case, said he couldn’t believe that a marriage of two men in Northern Ireland was being opposed by a Christian cake makers. Yeah right!

Obviously nobody told him that Northern Ireland is renowned for its strong Christian views on things like marriage and abortion, and that in Northern Ireland marriage has not been redefined …[continue reading]

Bert and Ernie Gay Marriage Cake Row Could Force Muslim Print Shops to Print Cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed

Aidan O’Neill QC, believes that Ashers bakery being found guilty of discrimination could mean Muslims have to print cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed… [continue reading]


The Left is Fanatical about the Right to Kill Unborn Babies

An amendment to the Serious Crimes Bill that would have made abortion on the grounds of gender illegal was soundly defeated by 291 votes to 201. Apparently radical feminists and other lefties want to have the proverbial cake and eat it too! … [continue reading]

Failed Families Cost Tax Payer £50 Billion

Denying God’s moral decrees is an expensive business.

As the secular progressive agenda has gained more and more ground in Britain, the traditional family has been denigrated and undermined to the point that in most people’s minds marriage is worth less than the paper the certificate is printed on.

Statistics show that denying the value of one of God’s most sacred institutions is costly no matter what the progressives may say!

Meddling EU probes Britain’s Christian schools for discrimination against atheists

The EU hates Christians too.

It seems that European bureaucrats are not happy with how anti-Christian-values OFSTED has become. Evidently shutting down Christian schools because they are not secular enough is not good enough for European God haters.

More anti-Christian discrimination under the auspices of protecting vulnerable atheists is clearly the way forward.

Force Sex Education on 5 Year Olds Says Labour

Labour plans to steal away childhood innocence to force its view of homosexuality on everyone.

As a relatively new parent myself I am sickened by the left’s attempts to indoctrinate my children into their Godless views on sexuality and marriage. It’s bad enough they want to do this to their own children but what gives them the right to damage mine too!

Of course traditionally, leftist politicians don’t practise what they preach and go ahead and send their children to the best private schools anyway! So in fact, it’s only my (and all the other parents who can’t afford private school) children who they intend to damage.

I can only pray that the people who advocate this type of child abuse will never get into power while my children are still young and vulnerable.

Common’s Select Committee Says Sex Education Should Be A Legal Requirement

There is no political party for those who support traditional morality.

Ok, so it’s not just Labour who want to pollute our children’s minds with “progressive” attitudes to sex. Both sides of the aisle favour destroying our children’s innocence on the pretense of protecting them.

The progressive agenda has always been to remove parental influence and control and replace it with state control.

As Christian fathers and mothers it is our biblical responsibility to educate our children according to God’s principles so as to prepare them for life in the society in which we live.

We must not abrogate this God given duty to a Godless state (Ephesians 6:4, Deuteronomy 6:5-7).


Ofsted’s Counter Extremism Push Closes Good Christian Schools But Misses Trojan Horse Schools

Political correctness makes OFSTED close down Christian schools and miss radical Muslim schools.

OFSTED makes it very clear that biblical Christian values will not be tolerated.

Red Cross Volunteer fired over Gay Marriage Protest

71 year old Bryan Barkley was fired for his religious belief in traditional marriage.

After 20 years of service to the Red Cross working as a senior volunteer, Bryan Barkley was told his help was no longer welcome. Why, because he supports traditional marriage.

Yet another sad example showing that religious discrimination laws are not there to protect Christians, but are rather to facilitate the marginalization of Christian values in Great Britain.