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Ashers Bakery is Found Guilty of Sexual Discrimination

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Christian Bakery Found Guilty of Discrimination For Refusing To Bake a Cake Promoting Gay Marriage

It is a very sad day for Christianity and indeed for freedom and democracy in Great Britain. Today is the day that a Christian bakery has been found guilty of discrimination for refusing to bake a cake with a “support gay marriage” slogan on it.

The devastating nature of this defeat is in the fact that no person was discriminated against, as Ashers happily serves homosexuals, what has been ruled illegal is refusing service based on Christian conscientious objection.

The judge in this case has effectively ruled that biblical beliefs about marriage are now illegal in our once great nation. Some may say this is an overstatement but this ruling has positioned all of the pieces on the table to make overt expressions of biblical Christianity illegal.

Progressives and other God-haters now have a way to force any Christian company that seeks to stand by its Christian principles out of business. Liberal progressives and militant secularists have been dreaming about this moment for generations and now under the watch of a so-called “conservative” government they have achieved their goal.

Whilst this may seem like an irrelevant and insignificant event to many, this ruling is the equivalent of the D-Day landings in World War II and most likely signals the end of open true Christianity in Great Britain.

Unsurprisingly people who don’t believe in God do not understand the crushing blow this is to Christians in Great Britain. Nominal atheists have been misled by secular propaganda into believing that this issue is about discrimination based on sexual orientation, i.e. refusing service to a homosexual. It is NOT! This is actually an issue of religious discrimination, i.e. secularists/progressives subversives creating laws that discriminate against Christianity.

This issue is about the state being able to force Christians to accept arbitrary government moral decrees over the moral decrees of our LORD and Saviour, the Almighty God!

How could a person who doesn’t believe in God possibly understand the severity of this attack? To the secularist the state is the highest moral authority! In civilized society the state has a duty to force people to obey its laws. Christians have a duty to obey the law of the land as far as that law does not contravene the laws of God. Knowing this, progressives have concocted an ingenious plan to destroy Christianity, namely by creating laws that are in direct opposition to God’s moral decrees.

The state will be forced to up the punishments for refusal to accept its moral rulings but faithful Christians will not reject God’s moral authority. This places Christians in between a rock and a hard-place and will inevitably lead to severe persecution of those who refuse to deny God.

Liberals and progressives have been waging war against biblical Christianity for generations and today is the day they have finally established a beachhead from which to attack any remaining vestiges of Christianity in our country. The state has now made it official, the Christian God of the Bible has been overruled on marriage and anyone who tries to suggest that God cannot be overruled will be marginalized, ridiculed and now criminalised! It’s a dark day in once great Britain!