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Assisted Dying Bill Defeated in Commons

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A Bill that would have allowed terminally ill people the right to kill themselves has been soundly rejected in the House of Commons.

This extremely divisive issues centers around the sanctity of human life vs the quality of human life. For those who believe that humans are just random conglomerations of molecules that have evolved over billions of years the sanctity of life is a moot point. All that atheists really have is quality of life. When the quality of life is severely diminished, a choice between random chance deciding when you die or you taking control of when you die seems quite obvious.

For atheists it is more about the consequences on society of allowing suicide rather than any objective moral standard to be kept.

For Christians however, the sanctity of human life is of utmost importance. Whilst bringing as much pain-relief and comfort to the suffering as possible is a Christian mandate, it is second to the sanctity of human life. Christians also believe life and death are divine mandates that only God may give and take. Humans taking their own life presupposes that they are the owners and masters of their lives, a fact which Christians deny.

As Christianity becomes more and more marginalised in Great Britain I suspect a similar Bill to this will one day be passed.