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Bible-Believing Christian Richard Page Sacked For Non-PC Beliefs about Family

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69 year old magistrate Richard Page has been sacked by the Lord Chancellor Michael Gove for stating his belief that, all things being equal, a mother and a father is the best option for raising children.

Voicing his expert opinion on family matters, which happens to contradict the liberal/progressive narrative, has seen him fired as a magistrate and suspended as a non-executive director at the NHS.

The attempted destruction of the livelihood of a 69 year old father-of-three for saying what any impartial person knows to be true is despicable. How can the British public trust anything the government says when its own Lord Chancellor is willing to silence truth using such tyrannical coercion?

The British public knows that billions of years of evolution, or God if you are a Christian, is a better judge of what best promotes human flourishing than the wishful thinking of socially-progressive ideologues. Nature screams out that all things being equal, the best family has a mother and a father at its helm. Yet liberal extremists and their corrupt political allies seek to use the full coercive power of the state to silence this fact that we all know to be true.

By advertising same-sex adoption as an issue of human rights, liberal extremists in government, education and the main stream media seek to remove truth from the equation and force the facts to conform to their so-obviously-false liberal/progressive narrative.

With such a blatant disrespect for truth and such a willingness to mercilessly punish anyone who would dare to question the validity of their narrative, one cannot help but doubt the true motives behind this government’s mandated teaching of government-defined “British values” in our school system. Even more dubious, is the upcoming legislation to force church groups to undergo government inspection, turning the pulpit into another government propaganda outlet.

Using education, religion, the media, and legal & economic coercion is a tried and tested technique used by tyrannical, despotic regimes since time immemorial. How tragic that the nation which came up with the Magna Carta has today stooped so low that we are rubbing shoulders with the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Kim Jong-Un, or any other tyrannical despot you care to mention.

This government’s Lord Chancellor, Michael Gove and the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Thomas declared that Mr Page had been “influenced by his religious beliefs and not by the evidence” in his views that all things being equal, a married mother and a father are the best option for raising a family. The hypocrisy of this statement is awe-inspiring!

Mr Page, who has 15 years of experience in family matters, has been “influenced by his religious beliefs” but Mr Gove and Lord Thomas, with all their years working in politics have not been influenced by the liberal/progressive political climate, and are diligently following the evidence where it leads – PLEASE!

I would be very interested in examining this “evidence” to which Mr Gove and Lord Thomas allude. This “evidence” that runs so obviously contrary to nature and common sense should be made available for public scrutiny and debate. Of course, this whole shameful saga demonstrates quite clearly that the “evidence” has been banned from public debate and replaced by the government-enforced progressive narrative.

It is not only forcing people to believe that black is white on pain of impoverishment or imprisonment that progressive extremists have in common with other more notorious despots; it is also their shameless application of double standards under the law in favour of those who support their party line.

After Mr Page was fired at the behest of some of the highest officials in government for daring to claim he had non-government-sanctioned “evidence”, progressive/liberal extremists took this as a “Carte Blanche” from on high to further ruin the 69 year old father of three.

Andrew Ling, Chair of the Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust followed the party line to its natural conclusion by writing to the NHS Trust Development Authority seeking the removal of Mr Page as non-executive director from a local NHS Trust. His clearly fallacious reasoning for Mr Page’s suspension was that;

“The recent publicity you (Mr Page) have courted is likely to further undermine the confidence staff, particularly Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) staff, have in the leadership of the Trust”.

This pathetic, progressive-pandering excuse of a reason for viciously attacking someone because you disagree with their religious beliefs is so absurd as to be almost comical, if it wasn’t for the fact that a gentle, law-abiding, senior citizen who has faithfully served his community his whole career was having his livelihood threatened by it.

Perhaps one of the most devastating attacks against our nation perpetrated by liberal extremists is their continued onslaught against the principle of equality under the law. Imagine for a minute the moral outrage from the same liberals who mercilessly attack Christians for their views if the shoe was on the other foot.

Imagine the liberal outrage if a “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgendered (LGBT)” non-executive director of an NHS Trust was suspended for disagreeing with the Christian view on marriage because it might “undermine the confidence Christian staff have in the leadership of the Trust”. I imagine that if Andrew Ling was a Christian, writing a letter to have the LGBT non-executive director of an NHS Trust suspended for promoting the progressive view on marriage, he would be arrested and his letter would be used as evidence to have him imprisoned.

Imagine the liberal outrage if an LGBT cake company was forced to bake a cake promoting traditional marriage over same-sex marriage and was then found to have discriminated against the Christian client who asked for the cake on the basis of religion. I imagine there would be rioting in the street.

Imagine the liberal outrage if the Telegraph printed an article demanding the dismissal of an LGBT broadcaster at the BBC for his anti-Christian views. I imagine the Telegraph would be out of business the next day.

Imagine the liberal outrage if a liberal/progressive was arrested for equating today’s Bible-believing Christians with the thugs who were responsible for the Inquisition. I imagine there would be liberal/progressive mobs outside the police station demanding blue blood.

Liberal extremists have used legal and economic “terror” tactics to create an environment in Great Britain where equality under the law no longer exists. If you promote the progressive narrative you get a pass on certain laws but if you go against the liberal narrative you will at least be ridiculed, marginalised, and probably forced out of your career, and at worst, be imprisoned.

In freedom-loving Western democracies we do not fire people because other people don’t like their religious or political beliefs. Tolerance of other people’s beliefs used to be a core principle of our nation, a principle woven into the cultural fabric of Great Britain. Feeling offended that somebody disagrees with your views on marriage would never have been grounds for dismissal before liberal extremism infiltrated every institution of our once great nation.

As a nation we have been woefully apathetic to this poisonous enemy of freedom and democracy in our midst. We have tolerated those who hate traditional British values and stood idly by as they have indoctrinated the minds of our youth in anti-Western, anti-capitalist and anti-Christian hate.

Sadly, the sacking and suspension of Mr Page is just one in a long line of callous attacks by liberal/progressive extremists against British citizens who stand up for traditional British values. Anyone who opposes liberal extremist dogma by supporting non-liberal ideals is viciously attacked by the new illiberal liberals.

Supporting traditional family values, traditional freedom of speech and traditional tolerance – not liberal pseudo-tolerance, make you a target for the liberal Gestapo. The most galling part in this illiberal-liberal saga is that they have been facilitated and encouraged by a supposedly conservative government who claims to champion the very British values they are so aptly destroying.

Equality under the law is a British right that was achieved with the blood, sweat and tears of courageous Brits of antiquity. It is an utter disgrace that their endeavours would be so denigrated and undermined by a political party whose raison d’être is the conservation of traditional British values.

It is long past time to put an end to the liberal/progressive reign of terror in the West. Honest, law-abiding contributors to society are sick to the teeth of being silenced and threatened with economic and social ruin by illiberal bullies for saying what everyone instinctively knows is true.