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Chief Executive of the British Humanist Association Seeks To Use Counter-Extremism Legislation to Undermine All Traditional Religious Faiths In UK

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According to Andrew Copson of the British Humanist Association, dangerously draconian measures aimed to combat such serious issues as Islamic terrorism and suicide bombers should also be used against all people of faith who peacefully disagree with progressive morality.

Mr Copson’s article makes it clear that secular humanists will attempt to use Cameron’s Counter-Extremism Legislation to destroy all devout religious belief in Great Britain, and with it the societal bedrock of our nation.

Writing for the Independent, the Chief Executive of the British Humanist Association leaves little doubt that humanism is just another dastardly shade of progressivism. Both seek the fundamental transformation of Western society away from its Judeo-Christian roots towards collectivistic government-enforced atheism, which is exactly where David Cameron’s Counter-Terrorism Legislation seems to be heading.

Throughout his article Mr Copson, has no qualms about using incoherent reasoning, spurious examples and progressive buzz words to bash people of devout faith.

By conflating extremist and fundamentalist he subtly tries to paint all people of sincere religious faith with the murderous colours of fundamentalist Islam. He then uses this equivocation as a springboard to co-opt Counter-Terrorism Legislation to the purposes of secular humanism in its quest to destroy belief in God.

Most irksome to parents who don’t belong to his godless cult is his collectivist use of the term “our children”. Mr Copson and his progressive brethren clearly believe that the (secular) State has the right to decide what values children should be taught, over and above the wishes of their parents.

Let him have his own children, with all the self-sacrifice and sleepless nights they entail, who he can then rear to be card-carrying members of the BHA.

Let Christians have their own children who they can raise to be God-fearing, self-disciplined, compassionate, lovers of freedom and of Christ.

At some later date we can honestly evaluate which worldview creates the best offspring for a society.

Of course despite all of its pretences of tolerance, true tolerance of opposing views is anathema to progressivism. These atheist bigots will not tolerate other worldviews. Instead, with all the religious fervour of a religious extremist, they seek to make their worldview the only game in town by any and every underhanded tactic possible, and if permitted to do so, by the full coercive force of the government.

In true progressive fashion, logical incoherencies about tolerance form the centrepiece of his assault. For anyone who is willing to use their brain for even a second, his specious reasoning proves completely nonsensical. His whole article is a call for intolerance of intolerance, which in itself is an utterly farcical concept akin to calling for all dogs to catch their own tails!

The insidiously concealed truth about the tolerance crowd of which Mr Copson is clearly a devout member, is that just like everybody else, they are intolerant of values with which they disagree.

Hopefully every civilised person is intolerant of evil things, things like murder and rape for example. The real issue in the tolerance debate is not intolerance itself but deciding the things which are evil and thus intolerable, and deciding the things which are good and thus tolerable.

Since the tolerance crowd is full of secular humanists, they consider any serious belief in God as evil. Being propaganda experts they spin their position as intolerance of hate rather than what it actually is, which is intolerance of God.

Fellow God-hater Richard Dawkins even goes as far as claiming teaching children about God is a form of child abuse. If the secular humanists really cared about actual British values, which is the supposed raison d’être of Cameron’s Counter-Extremist Legislation, then they would be arguing for said Legislation to be applied to the religious intolerance of Richard Dawkins. They are not and thus they do not!

Traditional British tolerance is about coexisting and maintaining civility with people with whom you may fundamentally disagree on issues of politics, economics, child-rearing and most pertinently, religion.

Communistic Soviet-style intolerance is about mass-brainwashing via government-controlled values formation, removal of parental influence and protection, and the criminalising of any political, economic or religious opinion with which the government does not agree.

As a British citizen, I am sickened by the hypocrisy manifest by secular humanists and progressives as they try to criminalise and silence their ideological opponents and brainwash the children of Christian parents into secular humanism, all-the-while claiming to be the champions of tolerance.

To add insult to injury, not only are they destroying traditional British society and the freedoms we enjoy, but they are using legislation that is supposed to promote British values to do it.

British values such as democracy, freedom of speech & religion, and equality under the law are all being callously trampled underfoot by the secular humanist/progressive agenda to remove God from British society and I for one am sick of it!