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Christian Discrimination Victory A Small Drop In The Ocean

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A Christian nursery worker who was fired for speaking God’s rules about marriage has won her discrimination claim against her employer.


Sarah Mbuyi has won her discrimination case against her employer who sacked her for saying homosexuality is a sin. When asked by a lesbian what God thought about her living in a civil partnership Ms Mbuyi responded that God wasn’t okay with what she did.

This ruling is a breath of fresh air to Christians. We are commanded to bear witness of God, including His moral rulings, so forbidding it forces Christians to choose between their faith and their job. Surely that is discrimination based on religion?

I can’t help but feel a little confused however as in almost every other ruling where a Christian has been dragged to court for alleged discrimination we have lost. This ruling seems to show that hate laws are woefully vague and open to interpretation.

Laws that can be interpreted in a way that could find most law-abiding citizens guilty if they get the wrong judge is a very dangerous state of affairs for freedom and democracy.

What is surprising about this case is that an employer would believe that if someone provides a Christian perspective on everyday conversations and situations in the workplace it is acceptable grounds for dismissal.

You can bet that if a secular perspective or any other non-Christian perspective were presented in everyday conversations about life in the workplace no one would bat an eyelid. I hear secularists and progressives saying that religion should be “a private matter” all the time at work and I certainly don’t think I am justified in having the perpetrators of such “divisive” remarks fired.

The fact is that saying religion is a “private affair” (so shut up about it) is totally discriminatory against people who actually believe faith in God is important in life. Christians are commanded by God to share their faith, so such talk of silencing them in the workplace is surely “divisive” and discriminatory.