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Christian Does Not Mean Anti-Gay

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The Catholic Education Service has made a written complaint to the House of Commons that Ofsted inspectors are “unfairly influenced” by “inaccurate presumptions about Catholic schools”.

It goes on to state that being “religious” must not become a “red flag” to school inspectors.

The sad fact is that a long-running liberal/progressive propaganda campaign carried out by the main stream media in Great Britain and America has nurtured the notion that being Christian means you are anti-gay.

These bastions of progressive propaganda may not say that Bible-believing Christians are the enemies of the liberal/progressive agenda outright as that would be too obvious. They are far more devious in their warfare and indoctrination.

In true progressive style they have come up with catchy slogans such as “homophobic” and “bigot” which they use more as clubs than words.

The second anybody dares to question any aspect of liberal/progressive philosophy they are beaten into submission by cries of “homophobe” or “bigot”. Thess labels have become so pervasive in our progressive media that unsuspecting members of the public have been slowly conditioned, in true Pavlovian fashion, to think “EVIL” everytime someone is beaten down with the “homophobic/bigot” club. No debate, no time to respond, once you have been labeled with this slogan your fate is sealed.

Whilst offensive labeling of opponents is the progressive weapon of choice, main-stream television shows are what really stack the deck against anyone who would dare to suggest that perhaps liberal/progressive morality isn’t as great as all its hype!

Since the redefiniton of marriage across the Western world the non-stop assault of our intellects via television has been kicked into overdrive by progressive activists.

Almost every show on the television focuses on the normalcy and respectability of homosexual marriage. The disproportionate number of homosexuals in every television series is guerishly obvious as is the positive spin given to every gay character. According to the media every homosexual is ridiculously funny, witty, charming, good-looking, caring, non-judgemental, intelligent…[choose your desirable adjective].

On the other side of the coin, the Bible-believing Christian cameos in these shows will always be pathetic, uncaring, irrational and bigoted. Progressives do there best to paint every Bible-believing Christian as out-dated dinosaurs and misplaced relics from a barbaric, racist, bigoted past which the modern world would do well to assign to the dustbin of history.

It is only natural that anyone watching these anti-Christian/pro-progressive television shows, including OFSTED inspectors, would subconsciously develop the view that Bible-believing Christians are anti-gay. This false progressive narrative could not be further from the truth.

Bible-believing Christians love homosexuals but hate the totalitarian progressivism that has become the self-proclaimed voice of the modern homosexual movement. Christians have the greatest love among any competing worldview for homosexuals.

Progressives prentend they love homosexuals but they do not. Just like Satan, progressives lie to the unsuspecting about the nature, character and morality of the Christian God in an effort to keep people eternally separated from Him. This state of separation from our loving Creator, if made permanent, is what the Bible calls Hell and this is where progressives both knowingly and unknownly are leading the vulnerable, weak andunsuspecting of our nation.