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Dishonest Progressive Media Blames Russell Square Stabbings on Mental Illness and Norway

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Only hours after the horrific stabbing in London last week, progressives are diligently ignoring key facts in order to bolster their demonstrably absurd view of reality.

On Wednesday August 3rd Zakaria Bulhan went on a stabbing rampage in Russell Square – Central London, killing 64-year-old American Darlene Horton and injuring five others.

Bulhan is a ‘devout Muslim’ of Somali origin whose family previously lived in Norway but have resided in the UK since 2002.

Although possessing Norwegian citizenship, his family background is clearly Islamic. A neighbour described his mother as always wearing the ‘full black Burka’ and an old school friend claimed he would ‘passionately defend’ Islam whenever they talked about religion.

The attempted mass murder in Russell Square is not an isolated incident but has clear links to a spate of terrorist acts that have been occurring throughout Europe over recent months.

The Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, the Nice Lorry Attack, the Munich Massacre, and the murder of 84 year old French Priest Rev. Jacques Hamel to name but a few, are all clearly related to this most recent act of mass murder, yet the progressive media are presenting this massacre as an isolated, ‘random’ incident caused by ‘mental illness’.

To any honest observer there is an undeniable link between the Russell Square Stabbings and all of these other acts of terrorism.

All of the perpetrators of these horrendous murders were followers of Mohammed. Mohammed killed infidels – just like Zakaria Bulhan. This in no way means that all Muslims are terrorists, but the Islamic connection is an obvious fact that must not be obfuscated.

To the disgrace of much of the main stream media the obfuscation of the Islamic connection in all of these murders has been the unifying principle in their reporting.

An excellent example of such obfuscation came from the Independent, published the day after the stabbings.

“Russell Square stabbing attack ‘not terror related’, say police after interviewing Norwegian suspect – Investigators say mental illness was believed to be ‘significant factor'”

Whilst the content of the article is technically true, the ‘true’ facts presented are weaved together in such a way as to present a distortion of the whole picture.

Other true facts that invalidate the progressive thrust of the article are surreptitiously ignored thus creating a false story full of unrepresentative truths in dire need of qualification.

Most glaring in this wilful distortion of reality is the failure to even mention that Bulhan was a ‘devout Muslim’.

It is true that the stabbings were not ‘terror related’ in that they were not orchestrated by ISIS but it is false to say that there is no link between the stabbings and terrorism. The clear, yet ignored link is Islam. An unmentioned but relevant fact is that ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al Adnani has urged ISIS sympathizers to murder Europeans and Americans with both knives and cars. ISIS means ISLAMIC state.

It is true to say that the perpetrator was Norwegian but this fact alone does not provide an accurate representation of the murderer in light of his Somali-Islamic background.

It is true to say that ‘mental illness’ was a significant factor in the stabbings since anyone attempting to stab six unknown members of the public should be classed as mentally ill. This does not mean that the stabbings were motiveless, ‘random’ and unrelated to previous Muslim-perpetrated acts of terror.

The failure to link Islam to terrorism is indicative of the liberal/progressive attitude of moral and intellectual superiority that has infected our society. Our progressive leadersfeel that we are unable to handle the truth responsibly and as such must be protected from certain true yet ‘unhelpful’ realities.

It turns out that the ‘obfuscated truths’ are very ‘helpful’ if not essential to the nation as a whole. It is only to the progressive narrative that these truths are ‘unhelpful’ in that they show it to be the deceitful fraud it really is.

Shielding the electorate from reality is common to all totalitarian regimes and is totally unacceptable for a democratically elected government and a free press. It is the role of the press to expose any inconsistencies and lies coming from government, not to support them.

Yes, there is a chance that there will be violence against non-terrorist Muslims ‘in retribution’ for offenses perpetrated by other violent Muslims but this most certainly does not justify deceiving the British public.

If our society is to remain free and democratic then any violence against non-violent Muslims must be dealt with using the full force of British Law to protect peaceful citizens. Thankfully we already have all the laws and policing apparatus in place to perform this function.

Government-sponsored deception is not the answer and is totally counter-productive to the protection of innocent individuals.

The collusion of progressives in government with progressives in media to prevent the electorate from making informed decisions is an affront to democracy and to the British public.

For democracy to work, the electorate must be presented with the facts in order to elect the politicians who can best lead us through these turbulent times.

Of course ‘the facts’ are very ‘unhelpful’ to progressive politicians staying in power and for this reason progressives don’t really care too much for facts or indeed for the concept of democracy!