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Doing Our Best To Make Criticism of Islam Illegal

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The PPS (Public Prosecution Service) is doing its best to prove all the concerns about “hate laws” silencing legitimate debate correct.

How can a country that claims to be “tolerant” have the governement prosecute people who disagree with the government’s politically correct religious pluralism?

There was no incitement to violence in anything Pastor McConnell said, only an opinion about certain beliefs and values. Freedom hangs in the balance when good men cannot speak out against what they consider to be evil. Let both sides speak their piece so that the public can make an informed decision as to which group, if any is correct!

What is actually being protected with “hate speech” legislation is the atheist/secularist view that all religions are wrong and that religion is just “cultural opinion” based on cultural factors and not related to univeral truth.

No debate please! – YOU may believe your erroneous religions but please don’t try to convince others of your wrong views in public!

For this reason it is very surprising to see the National Secular Society supporting Pastor McConnell’s right to critique Islam since their faulty beliefs about religion are one of the root causes of religious hate speech legislation in the first place.