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Equal Rights For Christians And Muslims

Bert and Ernie Gay Marriage Cake Row Could Force Muslim Print Shops to Print Cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed

A judge has ruled that a Christian bakers must bake a support-gay-marriage cake, but what would happen if a Muslim print shop were asked to print cartoons of Mohammed?

Aidan O’Neill QC, believes that the Ashers being found guilty of discrimination for not baking a cake suporting gay marriage, could mean Muslims have to print cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

At first glance anyone in favour of religious or sexual discrimination laws would say that pictures of Mohammed is a totally different situation because there are no groups that are identified by their needing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, so a muslim refusing to print the cartoon would not be discriminating against any specific group.

The point that nullifies this objection is that Ashers bakery did not discriminate against homosexuals in any way. The article clearly states that they had served homosexuals happily many times before.

The key point is that they refused to endorse a view point (not a group of people) that goes against their religious belief about marriage.

What really highlights the lunacy of this ruling is that according to the standards applied to the Ashers, if a homosexual who didn’t support the redefiniton of marriage refused to print a “support gay marriage” cake he would be found guilty of discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation. This would make him guilty of discriminating against himself!

What this whole debacle really shows is that discrimination laws are not meant to stop discrimination equally, but are only meant to serve as a secular club to batter Christianity into submission to secularists, liberals, leftists and any other God haters you care to think of!