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Eradicating Disease By Experimenting on Unborn Children

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Scientists want to have a public debate to decide what they are allowed to do to unborn babies (human embryos) in the pursuit of immortality and disease eradication.

On the surface these seem like two extremely desirable and admirable goals.

The pressing question is whether the means justifies the end. Undoubtedly it will be “secular” scientists who perform these experiments, so really the only moral standards they have will be what the law says. Christians on the other hand believe in a higher standard. To Christians the embryos that they seek to “experiment” on are unborn babies who are extremely precious in God’s sight!

I can’t help but feel a comparison is developing between Hitler’s “medical” experiments on undesirables to further the advancement of the Aryan race and modern genetic modification. Today it is not the Jews that God-haters deem as less than human, it is unborn babies.