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Forcing God Out Of British Schools

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The National Governors’ Association tells schools to defy a traditional British law, but it’s okay…it’s a law that was set up to preserve our Judeo-Christian heritage!

Apparently only laws that favour secularism need be obeyed according to the National Governors Association and the British Humanist Association.

Chief Executive of the British Humanist Association, Andrew Copson, stated that “Children as young as four are coming home and telling their non-religious parents they believe in God, or being distressed at age-inappropriate tales about hell.”

Children of atheist parents believing in the God who created them, outrageous! And as young as four years old as well! Somebody call the judge, we need an EDO!

These statements from the BHA are hardly suprising considering Richard Dawkins, a leader of the BHA believes that teaching any children about Christianity (YES even children of Christian parents) is child abuse! What is distressing is that the National Governors Association should have a diversity of belief, which more accurately represents our nation. They should not all be a bunch of anti-Christian secularists, as this latest of their pronoucements seems to imply.

I can’t help but feel that these secular humanists, who supposedly champion human goodness without God, shoot themselves in the foot with their own behaviour.

They claim to champion diversity and tolerance but what they really want is that everybody be a secular humanist whether we like it or not!

They claim to support knowledge and reason but they refuse to allow any critique (no matter how scholarly) of Evolution and materialism to be presented in school.

They claim to support the “spiritual and moral” development of children but they deny a spirit realm even exists and present all religions (except their own) as purely cultural myths. The best they can do is invent “moral” values and then force people to believe them by calling them “British” values. Surely obligatory Christian assemblies for the last 70 years should tell them that CHRISTIANITY IS A BRITISH VALUE!

Possibly the worst display of their secular “morality” is in the hypocricy they display through the double standards they unashamedly promote.