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Gay Cake Row “Victim” Felt “Unworthy”

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Gareth Lee, the victim/gay activist in the Ashers gay cake case, said he couldn’t believe that a marriage of two men in Northern Ireland was being opposed by a Christian cake makers. Yeah right!

Obviously nobody told him that Northern Ireland is renowned for its strong Christian views on marriage and abortion and that in Northern Ireland marriage has not been redefined.

It is just random chance that the gay activist chose the Christian bakers to make his “support-gay-marriage” cake as opposed to all the other secular bakeries in Northern Ireland.

He also said he felt “he was not worthy of service because he was gay”.

Although it is sad he felt “unworthy”, he was not justified in punishing the owners of Ashers for feeling that way as Ashers serves gay clients all the time.

The issue is that the McArthurs did not want to use their God-given talents and their business to promote a view which they believe is contrary to the moral standards of God. I bet any homosexual could go into Ashers bakery and ask for a non-political cake and have no problem getting their cake whatsoever! The key issue is the right of supposedly free citizens to reject, or at least not support, arbitrary secular progressive morality in favour of traditional moral values.