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Government Equalities Tsar Dame Louise Casey Demonstrates Her Disdain for ‘Religious Conservatism’ and Traditional British Values

During a recent parliamentary session on integration Dame Louise Casey attacked ‘religious conservatism’ as ‘anti-equalities’ and warned Christian schools they cannot be ‘anti-gay marriage’.

The obvious question that comes to mind in light of Dame Casey’s prohibition, following the legalisation of same-sex marriage, is that when gay marriage was illegal in Great Britain was it illegal for schools to be “pro-gay marriage”?

If the legalisation of same-sex marriage means that schools cannot be “anti-gay marriage” as progressives like to argue, then the reverse must also apply if we are to be true to equality.

The sad truth is that equality legislation has nothing to do with the noble cause of true equality, but has everything to do with the Marxist technique of dividing society via class/community warfare and then presenting big government (socialism) as the answer.

Government Equalities legislation has long been a divisive 5th column in Great Britain. Through “equality” legislation, subversive progressives have been able to use the coercive force of government to silence dissenting opinion and mould the innocently trusting British public into their own image.

The big lie foisted upon us by these subversives, centres around the fact that when progressives talk about “equality” they do not mean “equality” as the non-indoctrinated understand the term. They have redefined the word to mean something far more nefarious and subtly distinct from the positive and plain meaning of the word most people accept.

The “equality” of equality legislation is anything but “equal”. Equality Tsars such as Casey seem to believe it is their role to use government to oppress individuals and communities that disagree with their transformational agenda and dole out government privileges to those who tow the progressive line. This is the faux-equality of progressivism and it has its roots in despotic socialism. A cursory glance at the political corruption inherent in the vast majority of socialist countries testifies to the rotten roots of progressive “equality” and show it to be nothing but a tool to make dissenting political views illegal.

Silencing dissenters by government force, and using taxpayer money to support the loudest advocates of one’s political views are most certainly not in alignment with actual “British values” but are very much inline with the progressive plan to transform Western society away from its Judeo-Christian ideals towards a secular socialist utopia. Redefining positive words like “equality” to fit their destructive agenda and passing laws that criminalise their ideological opponents are two of their most effective techniques in the implementation of this plan.

As a progressive in the highest echelons of Government, is it any wonder then that Dame Louise Casey would aim the guns of government squarely in the direction of “religious” – the opposite of secular, “conservatism” – the opposite of progressive?

She is simply following her secular progressive worldview which has no qualms about crushing dissenting opinion using the full force of government, and views serious religion, specifically traditional Christianity as one of the main impediments to her “progressive” agenda.

It should be obvious to anybody who can mentally hoist themselves high enough to peer out of the propaganda parapet – constructed by progressives such as Dame Casey, the secular school system and the mainstream media, that those appearing to shout loudest about equality only care about equality for their particular group, dissenting from progressive dogma forfeits your right to the prgressive kind of “equality”!

Equality to the progressive is a convincing excuse to use the coercive power of government to silence political and religious opponents.

The tragic irony is that Dame Casey will have been indoctrinated into her erroneous view of religion and the role of government via her own secular progressive schooling/indoctrination and now she is seeking to continue the indoctrination and political censorship that so warped her understanding of reality on to the next generation.

What is so galling to real conservatives, religious or otherwise, is that this whole progressive campaign to transform the West away from Judeo-Christian values, including laissez-faire politics and economics, has been empowered and facilitated by the so-called Conservative party – the party that should be conserving traditional British values!

It should come as no surprise that it was arch-progressives David Cameron, the “redefiner of marriage” and Theresa May, both leaders of the Conservative party, who commissioned Dame Louise Casey to write her report on ‘opportunity and integration’. It was this report that gave Dame Casey the platform and the excuse to voice her anti-Christian sentiments and further the progressive plan to remove “religious conservative” views from education.

The Casey report uses the underhand technique of redefining “equality” to mean “enmity to all non-progressive beliefs” – beliefs such as freedom of conscience and freedom of speech, including the right to express a traditional view of marriage if you work in the public sector.

Worse still, the report also recommends a mandatory oath for all public officials that pledges allegiance to the new progressive definition of British values and equality, i.e if you don’t support the redefiniton of marriage to include homosexual relationships then you are anti-equality. This is so obviously a non-sequitur but who cares about logic when you’ve got the guns of government to support your logical fallacies!

In summary, Dame Casey seems to believe that in the name of better integration of diverse communities within the UK the government must ban Bible-believing Christians from any role in government whatsoever, including all roles in state education and even “Christian” education, and thus effectively marginalise a peaceful and productive group from British society.

Perhaps in her next speech she will propose that Bible-believing Christians must wear a yellow star in public for further government endorsed marginalisation and discrimination!

Dame Casey – it is not religious conservatives who hold “extremist” anti-British views, it is you!