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‘Liberal’ Extremists Use Terror to Coerce British Public

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Matthew Doyle, an LSE graduate and talent agency boss from South Croydon has been arrested and charged with “inciting religious hatred” after questioning a Muslim woman about the recent Belgium Islamic terrorist attack.

The “liberal” Gestapo, otherwise known as “Social Justice Warriors” incited moral outrage among the intellectually challenged on Twitter over a post by Mr Doyle which read;

“I confronted a Muslim woman yesterday in Croydon. I asked her to explain Brussels. She said ‘Nothing to do with me’. A mealy mouthed reply”.

The fact that a law-abiding member of the British public has been arrested for such a bland tweet is an embarassment to Great Britain. Critics of hate crime legislation have long said that the new laws will be used by opposing political and religious groups to silence their opposition and this is exactly what has happened.

Arresting Matthew Doyle for hate crime offenses just shows that if you even mention a non-PC opinion in public you could be arrested. This is totally unacceptable in a free country. Either hate crime legislation goes or democracy and freedom go.

Whilst approaching an unknown woman on the street and asking her a challenging question about her religion is clearly very rude and obnoxious, in a free society there must be a place for people to raise objections to religious viewpoints. Being rude and obnoxious is a liberal/atheist modus operandi when it comes to dealing with Christians. Richard Dawkins actually encourages his atheist acolytes to ridicule Christians for their beliefs.

The same liberal/atheist extremists that demanded the lynching of Matthew Doyle delight themselves in asking far more threatening and hateful questions to Christians at any and every opportunity. I myself have been accosted many times by atheists and liberals demanding a justification for my belief in a God who caused the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades and the “Canaanite Genocide”; and I happily oblige.

True tolerance, not liberal “pseudo-tolerance” tolerates other viewpoints and engages them in civilised debate. I thank God that I live in a country where people with opposing viewpoints have the freedom to challenge my beliefs. In like manner, I expect to be able to raise objections in public about viewpoints that I disagree with. This level-playing field, otherwise known as “equality under the law” is another foundational principal of freedom and democracy which hate crime legislation is destroying.

Just as it is perfectly valid for atheists to ask Christians about the Crusades so is it perfectly valid for non-Muslims to ask Muslims about their views on Islamic terrorism.

There are a great many people who would like to hear the response to such a question from the “Muslim on the street” rather than hear the ridiculous narrative thrust upon us at every opportunity by secular, non-Muslim, white liberals about the true nature of Islam.

Perhaps Islam actually is a “religion of peace” as the liberals claim. The issue is that I want to be allowed to investigate this claim for myself rather than be told what to think by liberals and secularists in government and the main stream media. As a Bible-believing Christian I know for a fact that liberals and secularists have absolutely no clue when it comes to Christian issues and I am therefore highly dubious that they would have a clue when it comes to Islamic issues either.

The fact is that whilst I applaud the Muslim lady who was questioned by Mr Doyle for not associating herself with the horrific acts of Islamic terrorism in Belgium, there IS an obvious association between her and the terrorism in Belgium.

The obvious association between peaceful Muslims and practically all terrorists is that both groups claim to worship the God of Mohammed/Islam as expounded in the Quran and the Haddith. I imagine she would claim that her peaceful Islamic faith is true Islam, but I know for a fact that the Islamic terrorists in Belgium would claim that their Jihad is the true Islam.

“Will the real Islam please step forward!”

In the Western world we expect to be able to form our own opinions after our own investigations into all of the evidence available. What is so anti-freedom, anti-British and anti-democratic is that the facts that don’t support the liberal “religion of peace” mantra are knowingly hidden from our eyes. Government information and the main stream media shamelessly cherry-pick facts that suit their “religion of peace” narrative whilst wilfully concealing and ignoring any facts that may cast doubt on the liberal narrative.

Before the secular extremist, pseudo-liberal rot had taken hold of our once great nation, the general public would have realised that they were being “played” and looked elsewhere to find the facts they needed. This freedom of choice and availability of information is the heart of freedom, democracy and capitalism.

Unfortunately these anti-British, anti-Western radicals have so infiltrated the schools, media, courts and government that most people no longer realise they are being played.

From the cradle to the grave we are force-fed an empty, morally-vacuous ideology of moral and political apathy coated with moral relativism, pseudo-science and secular extremism that calls itself liberal when in fact it is nothing of the sort.

After 30+ years of this pseudo-liberal propaganda people no longer care about freedom, democracy and capitalism. They have been indoctrinated to treat the government, school system and the main stream media as God’s oracles, from whom all truth flows.

The people of the Western world have been conditioned to place an inordinate amount of trust in their respective governments and main stream media outlets. With each new wave of Islamic terrorism it becomes more and more obvious to anybody who can break free of their pseudo-liberal conditioning, that we have been betrayed by the very organisations we just assumed we could trust.

It is becoming painfully clear that bolstering the secular pseudo-liberal narrative is the primary goal of government and main stream media in the West. Truth is the casualty of this unwavering fanaticism to the liberal secular narrative, with freedom, democracy and civility unavoidably next in the firing line.

With the introduction of hate crimes and politically correct speech enforcement many Westerners are starting to smell a rat. Everyone knows that banning people from presenting their arguments is the tactic of people without a leg to stand on.

Sane people understand that having people put in prison for speaking the truth, which happens to hurt some people’s feelings, is insanity.

Although it goes against every fibre of their long-indoctrinated being, the facts are becoming so overwhelmingly against the liberal narrative that people are starting to wake from their apathetic slumber and as was the case with Mr Doyle, have started their own investigation into the facts.

Everyone who cares more about truth than offense knows it is a fact that there are lots of peaceful Muslims in the countries where the government is not Islamic. We really don’t need to see them placed so incongruently ALL THE TIME in news reports that are dealing with facts that aren’t towing the liberal line. It is not impartial reporting to scour the halls of the BBC searching for peace-loving Muslims to present news stories about Islamic terrorists. It is shameless kowtowing to the liberal narrative.

It is also a fact that the vast majority of countries that have Islamic governments have horrible human rights records and seem to have populations who quietly or often not-so-quietly support the plight of Islamic terrorists.

It is a fact that the Quran contains many peaceful teachings and that there are a lot of liberal scholars who teach that the peaceful teachings are true Islam (Holy Quran: 60:8-9, Holy Quran: 2, 208, Holy Quran/28: 56, Surat al-Ma’ida, 48).

It is also a fact that the Quran contains many barbarous, hateful and genocidal passages and that there are a lot of fundamentalist scholars who teach that these “subjugating-of-infidels” type passages are true Islam and most in line with the example of Mohammed (Surah 9:29, Quran 8:12, Quran 8:39, Quran 9:5, Quran 33:60-62, Bukhari 52:177). A pertinent example of one such scholar is Abu Bakr al‑Baghdadi, the head of ISIS who holds a PhD in Islamic Studies.

When the facts that go against the pseudo-liberal narrative become so glaringly obvious it becomes necessary to coerce the evidence to bolster the crumbling narrative. This coercion of facts is what hate crimes are all about and is the reason otherwise law-abiding citizens such as Mr Doyle are being arrested as criminals.

The liberal perpetrators of this fraud against the British public are the ones who should be arrested not the frustrated member of the British public who could abide the liberal lies no longer.

Yes, his question was rude and obnoxious.
Yes, asking a lone Muslim lady on the street was totally inappropriate and rude.
No, rudeness is not a criminal offense in the free-world…

But abuse of power is!

Hate crime/speech legislation is a serious abuse of power by pseudo-liberals in positions of power in the West. In the face of an ever-increasing mountain of evidence that is destroying the secular-extremist, pseudo-liberal worldview, hate crime legislation is a dramatic and perilous change of direction for the freedom-loving Western world.

Limited government, freedom of speech, debate and reason are being replaced by over-reaching big government that seeks to control every aspect of people’s lives, starting with what they must think and believe – only government-sanctioned reasoning is allowed.

Through the use of hate crime legislation, pseudo-liberals in positions of power are able to make their point of view the only “legal” point of view.

The tragic irony is that whilst claiming to fight terrorism, pseudo-liberals are using “terror” themselves to silence truth. Honest citizens are “terrorised” into silence by the threat of losing their jobs, livelihoods, social standing and freedom for daring to speak, or at least investigate, the facts.