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Liberal Gestapo Haul Tim Farron Over the Coals for Thought Crimes Against Humanity

Photo Credit Peston on Sunday ITV

Head of The Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron has come under fire from all corners of the anti-Christian establishment for refusing to answer whether he believes gay sex is a sin.

In the run-up to the 2017 General Election, anti-Christian hate-mongers have banded together to make sure that all the nations Christians understand without a shadow of a doubt that there is no place in mainstream politics for serious Christians.

Any Bible-believing Christian who dares to enter politics can be assured of merciless bullying and intimidation, threats of physical violence and a sustained campaign of incitement to hatred from the mainstream media. Tim Farron learnt this ugly truth about the “New Liberalism” the hard way this last week as the people who he believed to be his liberal fellows have shown their true colours and stabbed him in the back.

As head of the Liberal Democrat party in the UK, one would have assumed that Tim Farron understood what it means to be a liberal in this day and age. Sadly Mr Farron showed himself woefully ignorant of the true face of modern liberalism this last week as he tried to expound the true liberal virtues of freedom of conscience and the separation of church and state to his fellow ‘liberals’.

Traditional liberalism is built on the above mentioned principles and as such, anyone objecting to freedom of conscience and the separation of church and state loudly declares their opposition to liberalism itself. Yet the main instigators of Tim Farron’s inquisition have been those who proudly proclaim themselves “liberals”. Something here does not quite fit!

The answer to this dilemma is to be found in the ‘new liberal’ penchant for redefining words to deceive the unsuspecting and thereby conceal their illiberal agenda of societal transformation. Modern day ‘liberals’ are not the ideological descendants of classical liberalism; they are its evil step-sister.

Classical liberalism was based on a Christian worldview favouring laissez-faire economics, Christian morality and individual accountability before God. The ideology of these new ‘liberal’ pretenders is founded on atheism, economic dirigisme, government-enforced morality and collectivism.

The two ideologies are as far apart as East from West, yet because of their control of the mainstream media and education, the new fake-liberals have managed to fool a great many of us into believing they are true ‘liberals’, including it would appear, Tim Farron.

This whole witch-hunt is a loud wake-up call to Tim Farron, but also to all of those Christians who think they can appease the new fake-liberals by denouncing their fellow Christians for preaching the ‘wrong Bible verses’ or for being too loud, or too outspoken, or too confrontational, or too arrogant in their beliefs and evangelism.

The new liberal despots will not negotiate and will not be appeased. The only cease-fire option they will allow to the Bible-believing Christian is the public denial of the Word of God, something which no serious Christian can ever do.

You only have to watch Tim Farron’s responses to the question about whether gay sex is a sin to see that he was doing absolutely everything he could not to offend anyone. He was polite, well mannered, humble and non-judgemental, but it was not enough for the fake-liberals. He even pledged to make sure that LGBTQ persons would not be discriminated against under Lib-Dem rule.

Yet this only fuelled their ire. There was to be no cease-fire until this Christian had denounced God and pledged allegiance to their atheistic-progressive cause. Sadly under such pressure Mr Farron did indeed later capitulate and recant.

The key point to take away from this fake-liberal inquisition of a devout Christian is that the new fake-liberals are utterly intolerant of dissenting opinion. They show themselves to be nothing but virtue-signalling liars, who claim tolerance as their highest virtue yet are utterly intolerant of those with whom they disagree. Not only will they not allow you to privately believe what you will, they will demand that you verbally assent publicly to their atheistic moral code. If you refuse you will be harangued into submission or face government and mass media enforced marginalisation.

These new fake-liberals are in fact utterly illiberal and champion the very thing that true liberals should hate: the imposition of religious/moral beliefs on the whole populace by a coercive and over-reaching state.