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Munich Shooting: Inspired By Alleged Christian Terrorist Anders Breivik Or By Radical Islam

In the aftermath of this weekend’s sickening mass murder in Munich secular extremists waste no time in blaming Christianity.

Displaying a sickening callousness for the victims of Iranian-German killer Ali Sonboly, progressives are immediately trying to twist the events of Munich’s mass shooting to further their anti-Christian, pro-left agenda.

In true progressive style, it is not the facts reported that are actually wrong, it is the emphasis placed on the facts. Certain facts are over-emphasised whilst other facts that contradict the anti-Christian, anti-western narrative of the progressive-left are judiciously ignored.

The title of a recent Telegraph article highlights this subtle bias.

Munich shooting: Teenage killer Ali Sonboly ‘inspired by far-right terrorist Anders Breivik …

This surreptitious title frames the Munich mass murders as being the fault of the political right. Worse still, it establishes all the events to be viewed through the lens of the progressive-left’s invented enemy of Christian Right Terrorism.

The notion of “Christian” terrorism is a dangerous and slanderous invention of the progressive-left and is a favourite canard in their open hatred and propagandist war against Christianity.

As soon as a Muslim commits another act of mass murder and everybody who is not complicit in the media-government progressive cartel makes the obvious connection between Islam and terrorism, the progressive-left powers up its anti-western, anti-Christian propaganda machine.

The deluded falsehood that Anders Breivik was a Christian is the fuel that powers this indoctrination machine

An article in the Independent written directly after the Charlie Hebdo Massacre in Paris perfectly illustrates this point.

“Charlie Hebdo: Norway’s Christians didn’t have to apologise for Anders Breivik, and it’s the same for Muslims now”

Comedian Mark Steel penned this progressive puff piece for the Independent, aptly demonstrating his total ignorance of all issues relating to Islam and Christianity.

The sad irony is that the comedic value of his article only goes to demonstrate the success of the progressive indoctrination program to which he is gleefully contributing.

Anyone who has ever bothered to even briefly look into the issues involved would not be laughing with him but at him, for his total unabashed ignorance of the subject about which he writes.

Steel neatly sums up the inherent incoherence in his own attack on Christianity when he writes;

“Christianity can be interpreted in any way you like… The same could be true of all faiths”

This lofty pronouncement is pure postmodern, deconstructivist drivel aimed to blur reason and confuse the obvious. It is a clever way of saying “if you don’t take the plain, common-sense meaning of religious holy writings you can make them mean whatever you want”.

To his credit, Mr Steel is correct in this assertion. However, it is utterly foolish to use this as a criticism of Christianity or even of Islam. At best it is a criticism of the completely nonsensical and illogical method of interpreting holy writings to which Mr Steel and progressives, including “Muslim” progressives, subscribe.

Progressive hermeneutical insanity aside, it is obvious to any open-minded inquirer that Christianity and Islam are not comparable in terms of terrorism and must never be painted with the same brush.

Nobody seriously believes that the next act of terrorism is going to be perpetrated by Christians blowing themselves to pieces as they cry “Love Thy Neighbour”.

Equally true is the expectation that the next act of terrorism will be accompanied by the Islamic cry of “Allahu Akbar”.

Whilst it is true that the recent Munich mass murders took place on the 5 year anniversary of the Anders Breivik murders, it is a disingenuous manipulation of facts to frame the event as “inspired by Breivik” whilst ignoring any link to Islam or immigration.

There is no doubt that there is a link to Breivik but there is also no doubt that there is a link to Islam.

One fact is emphasised, one fact is discarded.

On New Year’s Eve 2015 mass sexual assaults carried out by Muslim refugees against German women were buried by the German authorities and media, wilfully deceiving and endangering the public to further the globalist progressive narrative.

In the recent Munich attack the German governing authorities were again quick to deny refugees and Islam as a factor, focusing on white racism as the root cause.

“A link to terrorism has been ruled out.” -Thomas Steinkraus-Koch, Munich’s chief prosecutor.

As with the Cologne attacks this ridiculous assertion is obviously false. Modern day terrorism is almost always Islamic and the perpetrator of the Munich murders was from an Iranian Islamic family. Of course this does not mean that all Muslims are terrorists, but to deny any link is a wilful distortion of facts to fit the progressive narrative.

Even more damning of progressive propaganda, is the glossing over of two crucial facts.

Firstly Breivik did not kill himself after his attacks whereas Ali Sonboly did. This is a classic hallmark of Islamic terrorism.

Secondly, it was not even mentioned in the article that Sonboly shouted “Allahu Ackbar” before he killed himself.