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National Register And Compulsory Government Training For Faith Leaders

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A leaked document obtained by the London Telegraph reveals extremely troubling proposals by the government to REGISTER all faith leaders in the UK.

Not only do the plans propose a national register of faith leaders but also governement training for faith leaders who work in the public sector. I imagine this government training will be akin to “sensitivity and diversity” training in the workplace which is often given as a punishment for those who voice an opinion that goes against “progressive morality”.

These kind of registers smack of communist/totalitarian regimes such as China or North Korea, not the freedom-loving democratic British values the government is so keen to promote. This is classic progressivism. Out of one side of the mouth come calls for diversity and tolerance but out of the other side come totalitarian measures to register, “re-educate” and silence anyone who disagrees with their progressive ideals.

What an embarrassment to our once great Britain!