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New Anti-Terror Laws Will Become A Terror To Democracy

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David Cameron has carried on Tony Blair’s progressive legacy of “hate crimes” with wanton abandon. I often feel that David Cameron would have been more suited to New Labour than the Conservatives considering his penchant for redefining away traditional values and replacing them with liberal progressive “made up” values.

Hate crimes are abhorrent to a free society and to democracy. The aim of hate crimes is for the government to be able to regulate and control what people are allowed to think and believe. A true democracy allows bad ideas to be debated and destroyed for all to see and hear.

A top-down totalitarian state forces bad ideas (if the rulers are benevolent) or good ideas (if the rulers have their own BAD IDEAS) underground.

Somehow progressives and liberals believe that stopping the free expression of ideas and the rebuttal of bad ideas is what is needed to support democracy!

To me it seems far more likely that the Government does not want its own “British Values” debated and seeks to silence debate rather than use debate (the hallmark of a democracy) to come to the best ideas for the country. I can’t help but feel that all of these “extremism” laws are just an excuse to force progressivism and liberalism on everyone.

Real laws are perfectly sufficient to stop people from committing traditionally recognised crimes and they support the flourishing of democracy. Hate crimes criminalise people who disagree with the politically correct mantra of the day and subvert democracy.