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Progressive Equality – Men Can Become Women, But Gays Cannot Become Straight… EVER!

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A recent court ruling has found in favour of Transport For London in their decision to ban an ad campaign that dared to suggest that not all people who feel same-sex attraction want to live the “progressive” definition of the homosexual lifestyle.

In today’s secular society, God and the traditional moral values that flow from Him are out. In our brave new world men can become women but a gay man can never EVER become straight, that would be anathema!

Welcome to the new PROGRESSIVE morality!

In 2012 Transport For London (TfL) ran a bus poster campaign by gay rights group Stonewall, that said;

“Some people are gay. Get over it!”.

In response to the progressive narrative about homosexuality, Core Issues – a Christian group that supports people who feel same-sex attraction but who do not want to associate with the homosexual lifestyle as described by progressivism, wanted to run a poster that presented homosexuality from their perspective.

Transport For London refused to allow their advert that read;

“Not Gay! Ex-Gay, Post-Gay and Proud. Get over it!”

Instead of allowing another perpsective from another group of people who feel same-sex attraction but are not progressives, the courts slapped a £10,000 fine on the Christian organisation that tried to stand up for this underrepresented minority.

This ruling highlights a disturbing trend in our nation away from equality under law. It seems that if you are a progressive your status under the law is higher than anyone of any different ideological perspective.

It is one of the foundational principles of a democracy that there is equality under the law for all regardless of class, ethnicity or religion. Sadly it seems that progressives couldn’t care less about traditional values such as democracy which are evidently too Christian for them!

Equal rights are becoming “equal” in name only. If you ever try to use your “equality under the law” in any way that goes against the current politically correct narrative then you can expect for starters a £10,000 fine for your troubles.

Liberal, leftist and militantly progressive organisations have positioned themselves as the self-proclaimed voices for homosexual rights in Great Britain. Once entrenched in this position of power they have hijacked human rights issues for people who experience same sex attraction and twisted them into a confusing, contradictory mess of postmodern thought, liberal morality and militant progressivism. The end result is that anyone who is not a progressive can expect less equality under the law than their progressive counterparts.

It is evident from this court ruling that these progressive organisations only support certain “human rights” for homosexuals, and it turns out the “certain” rights they support are the ones that are most contrary to the morality decreed by the God of the Bible.

Make no mistake, the destruction of Christianity is the real force behind these progressive so-called “human rights” defenders, not the protection of homosexuals.

The true agenda of these progressive groups is made blatantly obvious by the condemnation and removal of the London bus advert as it did not fit the progressive narrative about homosexuality.

The point of the advert that was silenced was that some people who experience same sex attraction do not want to feel that way.

Who is representing these people’s rights? It is certainly not the current gay rights movement.

To make matters worse, the progressive voices in the homosexual rights movement want to not only silence this type of homosexual but they also want to ban them by law from being able to get help with their unwanted feelings of attraction.

When you couple this story with the big push at the moment by the same pressure groups, to force people to accept men who dress up as women into women’s locker rooms and toilets (to the distress of all the other real women and girls in there) you can really see all this insanity for what it truly is…

the illogical, irrational, abject hatred of the God who dares to put limits on human sexual behaviour, the same God who TRULY loves homosexuals, the Christian God described in the Holy Scriptures.

May all those who experience feelings of same-sex attraction turn to Him who loves them – He who wrote their names on his pierced hands and feet – and accept Him as their Lord and Saviour!