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Progressive Pandemonium in the wake of Trump Triumph

The American people have voted for Donald Trump to be their next president and progressives of all stripes are aghast. Some are rioting in the streets, others are denouncing democracy and still others are threatening to leave America.

The 8th of November 2016 will go down in history as the day the American people voted to take back their country from a cadre of progressive bureaucrats intent on remoulding the West into their own secular, socialist image.

Honest, hard-working Americans have endured 8 years of big-government, crony-capitalist rule at the hands of Barack Obama and were not about to sit back and allow more of the same under Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton.

Instead of harnessing the popular discontent toward an out-of-touch political class, the opposition party put forward their own out-of-touch, progressive career politicians to ensure the continuation of the big government, progressive status quo.

When presented with the choice of ‘Progressive Party D’ vs ‘Progressive Party R’ the American people gave themselves a third option – Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, whilst holding many liberal social values, was not a member of the globalist, socialist political elite. He was an outsider, a man of the people who would not be coerced or manipulated by powerful lobbyists, nor by Cultural Marxism/Political Correctness.

He was an Alpha Male, never afraid to call it like he saw it, regardless of which politically protected group he upset. These character traits made him a ‘clear and present danger’ to the socialistic, crony-capitalist status quo, so painstakingly established by Obama and career politicians from both parties over recent decades.

His anti-establishment, anti-PC leanings made Donald Trump the obvious choice for decent middle and working class Americans. Sick of being manipulated, robbed and exploited by ‘holier-than-thou’ progressive bureaucrats and crony capitalists Donald Trump was a potential game-changer.

When the results of the election were in, Trump’s surprise victory sent shock waves round the world. Too many progressives had naively bought their own propaganda, believing the liberal lie that being a progressive is synonymous with being moral, intelligent and well-educated.

As with Brexit in Great Britain a few months earlier, moral, intelligent and well-educated members of the electorate voted against their gradual enslavement to out-of-touch political ideologues who view the common people as their clay, to mould and fashion as they see fit.

As is common in all forms of socialism, the people are dehumanized and turned into ‘human resources’ for the central planners. The common folk are considered too ignorant and immoral to be left in control of their own destinies. It thus falls to the government bureaucrat to dictate how best the commoners must live.

In both America and Great Britain progressives in education and the main stream media have been conditioning the minds of the naïve to denigrate traditional Western values for decades. Religious freedom, economic freedom, political freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of association, to name but a few of our fundamental values, have all been gradually undermined by progressive subversives in positions of influence.

Both David Cameron in Great Britain and Barack Obama in America were, to a lesser or greater extent, the fruit of the ideological war being waged against traditional Western values by modern progressivism.

Both leaders seriously increased the reach of the state into the private affairs of the individual and both sought to dictate what moral, religious and political views where acceptable amongst the citizenry.

For those who retain even the most superficial knowledge of the religion on which Great Britain and America were founded, it should be clear that moral, religious and thus political belief is the realm of God and not government bureaucrats. Government has no business dictating to morally sentient individuals what they must believe about right and wrong. This has been a founding principle of our two great nations and despite their hypocritical and self-serving mantra about ‘not legislating morality’, it is a principle that progressives seek to destroy.

In 2015 at the Sixth ‘Annual Women in the World Summit’, Hillary Clinton nailed her despotic colours to the proverbial progressive mast, declaring that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed”. The totalitarian intent of this promise cannot be overstated and its unashamed Chutzpah would make even Donald Trump blush!

Hillary Clinton is openly saying that if she were made President of the United States she would force Christians to change their deep-seated moral convictions to conform to her moral code. Clinton’s unambiguous statement of intent, whilst more honest than is customary in progressive circles, is really just more of the same from the left. Fellow progressive Barack Obama also believed it the role of government to force moral and religious belief on the individual, he was just more subtle about it.

Progressive morality enforcers like Clinton and Obama revel in imposing their morality on others using the full force of law to do it, but consider themselves to be above the laws they pass. Political corruption, crony capitalism and socialism always go hand in hand as socialist politicians the world over invent clever laws to enforce “fairness” for the common people but wisely except themselves and their donors.

Forget tolerance, pluralism and mutual respect under another 4 years of Democratic Party rule. Clinton pledged to use the full coercive power of the state to impose religious, moral and cultural conformity upon the nation, conformity to her progressive ideology.

To the bewilderment of progressives everywhere, the American people voted ‘no’ to Hillary’s proposition. In a sobering reality check modern progressives were shown that their hatred of Biblical Christianity, pluralism, tolerance and individual liberty are not the majority opinion.