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Progressives Demand Compulsory Indoctrination of Your Children

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The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) in Great Britain has claimed that teachers are at serious risk if sex education is not made statutory in the UK.

According to this leftist-progressive cohort, teachers who teach sex education are open to accusations of “brainwashing” if the Government does not make the subject compulsory.

Pretending to be impartial, the bastion of liberal-progressivism known as the BBC presents a non-critical puff-piece for cultural Marxism, highlighting the reasons why we need the Government to tell our children what to think and believe.

Adopting the typical liberal position that every “educated” individual in the country agrees with them, the BBC article points out that “there has been a chorus of demands from teachers, MPs and charities, for ministers to change the subject’s status and make it statutory”.

No mention is made nor argument considered from the social conservatives of our nation who feel it is the role of the parent not the government to raise a child.

The Enlightened Elite

As is so often the case, progressives aided by the BBC and other liberal media outlets, present themselves as the victims of the story, accosted on every-side by fundamentalist, narrow-minded bigots who oppose their plans of sexual liberation, global citizenship and benevolent big government.

According to NAHT, enlightened teachers who have surpassed the primitive notions of biological gender, parental rights and the need for traditional mothers & fathers are “open to attack” from the uneducated masses unless the Government intervenes to protect them.

To prevent the abuse of teachers, uneducated parents, who foolishly cling to the out-dated notion that they are responsible for the upbringing of their children, must be forcibly required by law to have their children attend progressive-liberal brainwashing classes.

Using the plight of abused, over-stretched, over-worked teachers as a pretence for top-down, despotic values formation of the next generation of electors is a shameless exploitation of the naivety and vulnerability of malleable young minds and is anathema to the democratic process.

To force government defined progressive values on children against the wishes of their God-ordained protectors – their parents, is classic communism and must be vehemently opposed by anyone who loves liberty.

“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” -Vladimir Lenin

What’s in a Name

Lenin thought he could create the next generation of communists in four years, but the modern day leftists are a little less optimistic. They want to further stack the deck towards the left, starting compulsory sex education at 4 years old and continuing it up to 18 years old.

Let’s not be deceived, the only difference between the new Marxists who have infiltrated our education system and the previous generation of God-hating leftists is that the new leftists have better PR and more patience.

The failures of Marxism including the abject poverty, political inequality, and misery it engenders are in plain view for anyone who cares to survey the last 100 years of history. The new leftists wisely shun the term Marxist with its obvious historical failures in favour of the more blue-skies term “progressive” which has no such negative track record.

“Progressive” sounds so reasonable and forward looking, a political ideology that strives for better, for progress.

What is Progress

Progress is undeniably a positive term in that it means moving closer to good. To our modern sound-bite generation this is all the evidence needed that progressivism is a force for good in the world.

The real issue of course, is what do progressives see as good?

Another socialist called Adolf Hitler thought he was making progress when he implemented the “final solution”.

As is often the case with political spin-doctoring the Devil is in the detail. What do modern “progressives” actually consider “progress”. Just labelling yourself with a positive term does not make you a positive influence.

In fact, it is most often the case that if you have to put a term like “progress” or “democratic” into your title, you are highly likely to be the exact opposite of that which the term suggests. Take the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) as a case in point.

A Call to Diligence

“See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ.” –Col 2:8

As Christians we must do better than fuzzy notions of good coupled with emotional sound bites. We must discern if the good aimed at by progressives is compatible with true good as defined by God.

For anyone willing to take the time to read God’s Word it is patently clear that warm, fuzzy feelings and fluffy labelling do not even come close to constituting good as defined by the God of the Bible.

Progressivism Unmasked

The well-protected heart of modern progressivism is a hatred of traditional Western values, particularly those that can be obviously traced back to the Bible.

Modern progressives see traditional Western values as oppressive, racist, patriarchal and colonialist. They are the first generation to have passed through an education system dominated by the ideas of the collectivist, socialist, God-hater John Dewey, and unsurprisingly they are now themselves largely collectivist, socialist God-haters.

Often times they may invoke for themselves the label of “Christian” to confuse and mislead the uninformed, but they have so redefined the word Christian that it has become meaningless, or at best synonymous with liberal.

Why Compulsory Sex Education

When the collectivist ideology behind modern progressivism is properly understood it is not at all surprising to discover that progressives are pushing for compulsory sex education regardless of parental consent. They see parental values as a hindrance to the new society they envisage.

The traditional family unit and the sexual ethics that surround it are at the heart of Christian doctrine and as such any attack to these God-ordained institutions is a potential death-blow to Christianity, the arch-enemy of progressivism.

Progressives are at their core change-agents, and the change they seek is the reconstruction of Western society away from Bible-believing Christianity.

No Room At The Inn

Although there are many different shades of progressivism there is one unifying belief among all progressives and that is that Bible-believing Christianity must go.

Traditional/Christian values of marriage, family and religion are seen as anachronistic and must be replaced with collectivist atheistic notions of all-encompassing government.

Progressivsm is unavoidably totalitarian. Since God is no longer watching, it must fall upon government to monitor all. Blessings (the welfare state) and curses (fines and imprisonment) are administered by government to the populace according to how closely they follow progressive dictates.

Wake Up Christian Parent

As Christian parents we must be under no illusion about the progressive call for compulsory sex education. The mental and sexual health of your child is not the issue, but merely an excuse to incite the Government to force progressive values on the next generation.

The huge irony in the progressive call for compulsory sex education is that it is progressivism’s sexual revolution with its notions of sex without consequence that is largely to blame for the extreme decline of sexual health in our nation.

It is most certainly not the Christian value of one man and one woman in marriage for life that is responsible, but it is Christian families that will be coerced into attending lessons in progressive sexual ethics.

Sexually transmitted diseases, casual-sex, lewdness, “sexting”, rape, pornography and abortion are all off the scale in the new era of progressive sexual ethics.

How any sane person can seriously believe that the solution to the problem is more progressivism is beyond me.

Progressivism is the cause of the problem not the solution.