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Progressives dub BBC Too Christian

Aaqil Ahmed, Head of Religion and Ethics at the BBC, has accused the BBC of being “too Christian”.

Ahmed, a practising progressive Muslim, was appointed to the BBC in 2009 amid serious concerns that his previous work for Channel Four had a distinctly anti-Christian bias.

Of particular note was his work entitled “Christianity: A History” which was widely criticised for being “inaccurate and badly researched”.

Seven years later and we find him accusing the BBC of being “too Christian”. Quelle surprise!

The real question is not whether the BBC is “too Christian” but whether the BBC is too “progressive/liberal”.

Islam and Christianity, as defined over 1400 years of history are at ideological and cultural logger-heads. A society is either governed by Christian or Islamic values, it cannot be both.

Appointing a Muslim as Head of Religion at the BBC is not modern, inclusive or any of the other nauseating terms employed by progressives to marginalize their opponents, it is anti-Christian and anti-British.

“Never did Allah take to Himself a son” – Koran – Sura 23.91

“And who is a liar? Anyone who says that Jesus is not the Christ. Anyone who denies the Father AND THE SON is an antichrist.” – 1 John 2:22

The BBC is the national broadcasting service for Great Britain and despite the best efforts of liberals, progressives and militant atheists, Great Britain is a nation founded on Christian, not Islamic (nor atheistic) values.

No matter how many times the progressives at the BBC try to denigrate biblical Christianity the fact remains that Christianity, not Islam, (nor atheism) gave us the distinctive freedoms we enjoy here in the Western world.

The heritage, traditions, and customs of Great Britain are a Christian not an Islamic heritage. Furthermore they are of a biblical Christian heritage, and not the fruits of the materialistic, Bible-denying, “progressive Christianity” that atheists see as a useful halfway house on the way to the total removal of Christianity in the West.

Progressive Christianity is not faith in the God described in the Bible. It is postmodern, atheistic-scepticism wrapped in Christian garb. It is a made-up and thus invalid religion with no miracles, no prophecy, no historical validation and no Christ. To call it true Christianity is a disgrace and a deception.

A progressive/liberal Christian is 9 parts progressive and 1 part Christian (Isaiah 29:13, Titus 1:16, Revelation 3:14-16).

If the progressive version of Christianity is anything to go by then the progressive version of Islam will be just as deceptive and ultimately invalid as a faithful expression of the teachings of Islam.

The secular roots of progressivism are on full display in its Christian and Islamic varieties. Secularism has absolutely no clue as to the mind-set of a faithful adherent to either Christianity or Islam.

Secularists cannot understand how somebody living in the 21st Century could possibly believe in an active God who created the universe, performs miracles and made marriage to be between a man and a woman – with no exceptions. These beliefs are anathema to progressives but are essential to both biblical Christianity and Koranic Islam. As such, they highlight the impossibility of a valid rapprochement between progressivism and Christianity/Islam.

Western progressives have never truly studied the Bible nor the Koran but consider themselves expert enough to define both true Islam and true Christianity. They foolishly believe that atheist scientists are impartial toward God and evidence for His existence, whilst arrogantly assuming that because they have studied Religious Studies in a secular/progressive school system they are the true experts on Christianity and Islam. These are the pseudo-Christian/pseudo-Islamic progressives at the BBC, who have appointed themselves as the guardians and delineators of both Islam and Christianity.

It should be obvious to anybody who dares to ponder the claims of Christian (or Islamic) progressives, endlessly promoted by the BBC, that religious progressivism is absolute nonsense – a choice adopted by quaint, traditionalists who believe the truth claims of Christianity are false but seek to cling to some sort of a good Christian gentleman persona from days gone by.

Calling yourself a Christian when you deny the truth of Christian belief as taught by Christ is an absurd delusion and a deception.

Atheists know progressive Christianity is a logically untenable position and are thus all too keen to play along and let its glaring inconsistencies destroy the validity of Christianity as a viable worldview in the public psyche.

Atheist scientists and progressive Christians/Muslims have arrived at a sort of Faustian bargain where the progressives promise to never mention the logical inconsistencies and the absurd and dangerous conclusions of an atheistic worldview and the atheist scientists promise to allow progressive Christians/Muslims into the halls of academia and civilised society.

When was the last time you heard the actual mathematical probability that Evolution happened on the BBC, or any progressive news outlet for that matter?

Instead of talking about the less than one in a billion trillion chance that Evolution actually happened we are inundated with programs such as Walking with Dinosaurs where artists draw Evolutionary pictures and present it as a real wildlife documentary.

Sadly for those who actually believe the truth claims of Christianity, the progressive Christian – atheist alliance ends up making all religious belief look irrational. Progressive reinventions of Islam and Christianity are an extremely poor representative of religious belief.

Nobody truly believes you can just make up religious ideas that suit current cultural mores and expect them to be true. You cannot pick and choose from the teachings of Christ according to your modern predilections and expect the mess you create to be true.

The same critiques of progressive Christianity can equally be levelled against progressive Islam. The true expression of Islam is the version that best follows the life and teachings of its founder – Mohammed, rather than the invention of closet atheists who seek to elevate Arabic culture.

Furthermore, with progressive Islam there is the absurd idea that progressive/secularist educated Westerners claiming Islam is a religion of peace (i.e compatible with the West) are more qualified to define the true nature of Islam than islamically trained scholars from actual Islamic nations. The head of ISIS has a PhD in Islamic studies from the Islamic University of Baghdad, but he’s not a liberal/progressive so his views on true Islam must be false!

Progressives have invented their own versions of Christianity and Islam that retain the nomenclature of the original Faiths but are in fact completely different belief systems based on atheistic assumptions about the nature of reality and left leaning notions of social justice.

From this new ideological foundation there is no incompatibility between the new Christianity and the new Islam. Both are really just different shades of progressivism. In the minds of the progressives at the BBC it is therefore perfectly acceptable to appoint a Muslim (progressive) as Head of Religion and Ethics over a nation whose value system is based on Christianity.

When Aaqil Ahmed complains that BBC broadcasting is “too Christian” he is not saying that we need more Islamic programming as one would logically expect from a Muslim making such comments. Rather, what he is really saying is that we need to actively promote the progressive redefinition of Islam in Great Britain.

In other words Progressive HQ (the BBC) has appointed yet another progressive, as per its diversity policy, to advocate that we need more progressive propaganda on British television. Appointing a progressive Muslim has the added benefit of allowing any non-progressive objectors to be labelled as racist bigots and Islamophobes!

Progressives are masters of psychological warfare and it is long past time for the British public to get wise to their schemes and manipulation.