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Progressives Use Islamic Extremism To Further Marginalize Christianity

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Rev Dr Mike Ovey, principal of Oak Hill Theological College in London and a former lawyer has warned that the goverments Extremism Disruption Orders(EDOs) plans would effectively criminalise traditional Christian teachings in certain settings.

Is the honourable Reverend actually saying that a self proclaimed progressive such as David Cameron has drafted legislation that will effectively make traditional Christianity illegal?

Is the honourable Reverend actually saying that the leader of the Conservative party (who heads the party that is supposed to represent those who support traditional values) is really trying to marginalise and even CRIMINALISE the very beliefs on which our noble country has depended for thousands of years?

No, I can’t believe it! That’s outrageous! Surely these aren’t the actions of a true conservative?

Sadly all of the above is true. The only thing that is false is that David Cameron is not a conservative, he is a progressive camouflaged behind a Conservative blue tie. With Corbyn on the Left and Cameron on on the “Right” what chance does the traditional-Christian-values supporter have?

The answer is not a snowball’s chance in Hell!