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Progressives Use Lawfare To Silence Dissenters

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Aisling Hubert, a passionate pro-lifer who sought legal action against two doctors for carrying out illegal gender-based abortions, has had her case dismissed and been landed with a prohibitive legal bill of £47,000 for her trouble.

“These two doctors were filmed offering gender-abortion. I sought to bring them to justice. Now I am being punished and told to pay a huge sum to them. Where is the justice in that? It is completely immoral.”

Dr Prabha Sivaraman and Dr Palaniappan Rajmohan were both filmed by a Daily Telegraph reporter offering abortion to a pregnant women because she did not want to have a baby girl, yet the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) deemed that it was not ‘in the public interest’ to prosecute.

In a sickeningly ‘progressive’ statement the CPS stated that ‘the public interest considerations in not pursuing a prosecution outweigh those in favour.’

One would have to assume that by ‘public interest’ the CPS means ‘in the interest of powerful and well financed progressive lobby groups’. Since unborn babies cannot speak out against the denial of their human right to life, nor can they vote to remove those in government who allow their ‘termination’, those without a voice are clearly the more politically expedient to abuse.

Aisling Hubert or any other member of the British public not earning over £80,000 a year certainly pose no threat to those who would forsake the law to promote a leftist political agenda.

Progressives on the other hand have a disproportionately loud voice in media, government and education, and are extremely well funded. Furthermore, they are not in the least ashamed to stamp their feet and resort to any manner of despicable distortions of decency to attack those who would challenge their moral dogmas.

Forget justice, the rule of law, and the sanctity of human life, the CPS seems to believe ‘the public interest’ is to appease the loud bully at the expense of the silent victim. These bullies are most likely political fund providers and mass media opinion makers with the power and influence to shift public opinion against any politician who would dare cross progressive dogma.

The right to abortion on demand is a fundamental tenet of modern progressivism and any challenge to this sacred ordinance is dealt with in such a way as to remind those of us who thought we lived in a democracy, of our actual role in society – quiet subservience to the ruling elite.

A similar affront to justice is currently raging over abortion issues in America. Prolife activist David Daleiden dared step into the progressive Holiest of Holies by gathering video footage of the abortion provider Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby body parts. The footage was then posted on Facebook showing the illegal actions of Planned Parenthood.

To the disgust of anyone who still cares about honesty and justice, a Texas Grand Jury indicted Daleiden for the purchasing and selling of human organs and totally ignored the seemingly obvious crimes of Planned Parenthood.

As any impartial observer would understand, Daleiden had no intention of purchasing aborted human body parts – he is a pro-life activist! It was of course just a pretence during his sting operation to show the immoral and illegal barbarity of Planned Parenthood.

If convicted Daleiden could face up to 20 years in prison.

Both David Daleiden and Aisling Hubert sought to use existing laws to protect the lives of unborn children and both were prohibitively punished for daring to challenge progressive dogma.

In true progressive fashion existing laws were reinterpreted away from their original meaning and intention to suit progressive ideology, or failing that were just set aside since they were deemed not to be ‘in the public/progressive interest’.

It seems evident that the liberal elites believe that laws are meant for the common people, not for their rulers.

Laws appear to be enforceable only if they conform to progressive dictates. With our legal, political and educational establishments so dominated by this repugnant ideology, the people of Great Britain are facing a serious threat to our traditional, non-progressive British values.

British values such as equality under the law, freedom of expression, patriotism, the sanctity of human life and democracy itself are all being challenged and redefined away by modern progressivism – but the British public will only tolerate so much abuse!

Despite having by far the loudest voice in British society, this new culturally totalitarian ideology is a minority ideology.

The silent majority does not subscribe to its values and will not remain silent whilst an elite minority seeks to ‘redefine’ British society in their own image.

The silent majority spoke when the progressive elite told us we must remain in the EU as per their globalist dictates.

We will speak again the next time progressive politicians and judges seek to overrule traditional British values in an attempt to enforce their minority ideology on an unimpressed and harassed electorate.