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Progressives Want To Turn Peppa Pig Gay

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Norman Lamb, a leadership candidate for the Liberal Democrat party in Great Britain has stated that there needs to be more LGBT representation in children’s TV.

He specifically mentioned that our beloved Peppa Pig should have more gay characters.

Not only is this man trying to turn children’s TV into a progressive propaganda weapon but he seeks to force all parents who aren’t progressives like him into the proverbial closet. Once progressive morality is the law of the land, he and his ilk will have free rein to indoctrinate the hearts and minds of our children.

“Because your parent happens to be a devout Catholic or a Jew, whatever it might be, [your parents] should not deny you the chance to understand yourself and who you might be and to encourage you to believe that there’s nothing wrong with you.” Norman Lamb

As a Christian parent I am sickened and alarmed at those politicians who think it is their duty to make our children think like them.

If they are so keen to have children who are liberal progressive atheists then they should have their own children – and leave ours alone!

Of course that’s too much hard work for these pie-in-the-sky idealists who have only ever read their own propaganda. Why have all the sleepless nights, heartache and financial hardship yourself when you can just steal the hearts and minds of other people’s children?

I am astounded that our once Christian nation has brought up a generation of people who believe it is the role of government to “parent” (or at least “nanny”) the children of the nation over the wishes of perfectly loving and capable parents.

It is a Judeo-Christian value to care for orphans, but these progressive idealists have high-jacked and distorted this godly paternalism and twisted it to suit their own godless agenda. They pretend to care about orphans but the sad truth is that they see orphans and the fatherless more as propaganda pieces in their war against God than actual people in need.

The ridiculous reality behind this whole “nanny state” mentality is that the “nanny state” is necessary largely because of the values and ideals that liberal progressives spew out over Joe public day in and day out.

It is progressive morality that has championed the breakup of the traditional family, advocated for abortion on demand, and sacrificed all sense of reason for a woman’s right to sex without consequences. After several decades of rampant progressivism the fruits of their labour are becoming clear for all to see.

Thanks to progressivism we now have a generation of single parent families where the so called “consequences” of progressives’ rights to free sex have no family to care for and support them. The only solution presented by the progressives is that which they have always desired, the Nanny State – hello Big Brother!

Due to a massive propaganda campaign throughout public education and the mass media, progressives have managed to convince people that the solution to society’s problems is to ban anyone from speaking who would dare to suggest that perhaps the TRADITIONAL FAMILY AND SEXUAL RESPONSIBILITY WAS BEST!

Liberal progressive values are responsible for the breakdown of the traditional family. As such, the blame for the resulting societal chaos falls firmly at their doorstep. What is most irksome is that they then have the gall to propose their value system as the solution to society’s problems, and worse still, ban all other dissenting values!

If it wasn’t so tragic it would be laughable.