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Stormont Rejects Gay Marriage for the 4th Time

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The Northern Ireland parliament has again rejected the liberal/progressive onslaught to redefine marriage.

Clearly there is not enough demonization and government sponsored marginalization of anyone who supports traditional marriage in Northern Ireland yet.

Better start indoctrinating children at an even early age and bringing more lawsuits against traditional marriage supporters until all dissenters to government-defined-morality are silenced!

The gay marriage debate reminds me a lot of the “in or out” of Europe debate in Great Britain. Both Marriage and National Government are divinely decreed institutions which God has given as blessings for the nations. Secularists seek to remove God from His blessings so that ultimately secular government not God decides whom to “bless” and whom to “curse”.

The secularist-progressive powers-that-be hate God’s institution of marriage as it reminds them of God’s ultimate authority to define morality for His creation.

The whole redefinition of marriage issue is not about “equal” rights for homosexuals, it is about sticking two fingers up at God.

Don’t think for a minute that atheist God-haters actually care for traditional human rights of any kind, they do not!

All that matters to the progressive God-haters is removing God from His creation so that they can define and decide everything about your life, including your religious beliefs and your morality!

These progressives understand very well that without God, morality becomes nothing more than an enormous free-for-all with nobody having any ultimate right to tell anyone else what they “should” do.

To combat this social anarchy, the God-haters seek to enthrone secular government as a God substitute.

The aim is for the government, not any notion of God, to define the beliefs and values of a country. This secularist idea of government-defined-morality is a morality enforced at the barrel of a gun.

Believe what we tell you or go to prison!

The ridiculously liberal/progressive mass media will of course gently try to persuade people to agree with the government-defined-morality but should there still be those who cling to traditional morality even after the mass propaganda effort, well then there will be a cold, dark cell waiting for those remaining “bigots”!

Linked to the secular-progressive notion of quasi-omnipotent government is the push for global governance, for which the European Union is an excellent stepping stone.

It turns out that the European Union is a powerful tool for removing the common people from the governing process and delegating authority to an elite cohort of unaccountable bureaucrats.

Giving more and more of our national sovereignty to Brussels will inevitably prove to be an excellent tool for stopping the marginalized traditional-morality-crowd from having any recourse electorally.

It is for these reasons that no matter how many times the people vote against gay marriage and against remaining in the EU their voices will not be heard! The secular elites have an agenda and voters are nothing more than a tool to achieve their Godless ends. When voters can be done away with, they will be!