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The Left Is Fanatical About The Right To Kill Unborn Babies

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An amendment to the Serious Crimes Bill that would have made abortion on the grounds of gender illegal was soundly defeated by 291 votes to 201. Apparently radical feminists and other lefties want to have the proverbial cake and eat it too!

It seems that only certain rights for women are important to radical feminists, and they happen to be made up rights, not actual rights as bestowed by God by virtue of us being created in His image.

When it comes to choosing between the right to “sex without consequences” or the right of an unborn girl to life, they choose their own perverted man (sorry woman)-made right to sex without consequences over the right of another unborn woman to life every time.

Again we see, as with all the other Godless philosophies that pretend to care about others, all they really care about is freeing themselves from the shackles of the morality God has decreed. God has decreed sex within the bounds of marriage as good and the subsequent offspring as a great blessing. Radical feminists have declared sex without limits as good and the resulting offspring as an inconvenience to be killed if it interferes with one’s pleasure seeking.

It is the Christian God who really cares for women, not radical feminists.

On a side note I also find the liberal proclivities of the author of the article noteworthy as they have led to him being totally confused over the actual issues at stake.

The issue is whether an unborn baby is considered a human being, and then whether human beings have a right to life, or whether humans only have a right to life if the Government says they do.

He uses the word “fundamentalist” as a slur against those who “don’t give an inch” about killing the most defenceless and helpless of society and refers to the “sober minds” of liberal pragmatists balancing one set of rights with another, i.e. whether killing babies helps society flourish and improves gender relations.

He also seems to admire “genuine” lefties who apparently do care for defenceless babies. He seems to think that abortion on demand is not a Left-Right issue but I don’t know anywhere in the Western world the Left doesn’t support abortion.

It very well may be the case that the Conservatives haven’t been forceful on severely limiting abortion on demand but that’s because the Conservatives are no longer true conservatives but “liberal pragmatists” like him.