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The Monster Behind the Mask

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Perhaps even more monumental than the people of Great Britain’s decision to leave the EU has been the disgraceful behaviour of Remainers in the wake of their defeat at the hands of the British electorate.

As soon as it was clear that the British people had voted to leave the EU, social media was inundated in a deluge of unbridled, seething hatred towards those who had voted to leave. Forget traditional British reserve, the gloves came off and the hateful, disdainful ideology of all things non-progressive, epitomized by most Remainers, was on full display for all to see.

The smug moral and intellectual superiority of the liberal intelligencia was replaced by shock and bewilderment as the sober reality that their views were rejected by the majority of the British public began to sink in.

After such an unexpected result, most people would begin a time of introspection and self-evaluation in an attempt to understand why they had so misjudged the current climate. Sadly modern liberalism has become so arrogant and self-conceited in its own moral and intellectual superiority that, rather than introspection and self-evaluation, the only option available was to blame everybody else. Since liberals cannot be wrong, everybody else must be wrong. It thus follows that anyone who disagrees with modern progressive dictates must be either racist, bigoted or intellectually deficient.

In the midst of this distinctly illiberal assault against all non-Remainers by so-called liberals even those who don’t usually take an interest in politics sat up and took note. Instead of behaving like the rational, tolerant people they unceasingly claim to be, the pseudo-intelligencia and their media oracles revealed their true disdain for all intellectual dissenters from their progressive narrative.

In their “righteous” anger they collectively threw down their masks of paternal benevolence, sound reason and compassion for the oppressed, and spat in the faces of all those who dared not submit to their self-alleged superior wisdom and intellect. Vitriolic abuse was hurled at anyone who dared criticise their beloved EU regardless of the veracity of such criticisms.

As is common with progressives, reality is far less important than ideological fantasy. To these Remainers the EU had assumed Messianic proportions, being seen as this “little island’s” only hope at national redemption and restoration. To those of us who still believe in the true Messiah, the overt idolatry of the EU by most progressives is extremely telling, as was their hateful, venomous attacks on all those who would attack the object of their salvation and adoration.

For far too long the British public has slumbered whilst a fundamentally anti-British, anti-democratic and anti-western ideology has slithered its way into positions of influence in our society. Brexit was the first real challenge to the progressive, globalist narrative that we as a nation have been force fed for the last 60 years, and it will not be the last.