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The Secularising Spirit of Government

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A former top government official has spoken out about a “secularising spirit” within the British Government.

William Nye, who spent 20 years in various senior posts in Whitehall, has revealed that a “squeezing out of Christianity” has been taking place in Whitehall, with Christians working in government becoming more and more afraid of revealing their faith.

The sad reality in Great Britain is that Christianity has been so ridiculed by liberal, leftist intellectuals over the last 50 years, that anyone who believes what the Bible teaches about God is considered ignorant, naive and un-educated. Atheist scientists and academics have hoodwinked everybody into believing that science supports atheism.

Secularists quietly brush under the carpet the fact that our current generation of scientists were all educated in fiercely secular schools. Thanks to government regulations, even so-called Christian schools were forced to teach secularist ideals.

Modern science’s current evangelists all started with the apriori assumption that God was only to be discussed in “Religious Studies” class as one of many cultural myths. There was no place for “the God hypothesis” in the science classroom. Naturalistic apriori assumptions are not scientific no matter how loud atheist scientists scream that they are.

True science follows the evidence where it leads whereas atheist scientists padlock shut certain doors regardless of how hard the evidence knocks. This bias has done a disservice to truth seekers everywhere fooling public opinion into believing that atheists/secularists have the intellectual high-ground and secularists thus have justification in relegating Christianity to the position of a harmless fantasy.

This campaign of ridicule has not been confined to atheist academia. Unfortunately for our once great nation, government and mainstream media have also joined the offensive to banish Bible-believing Christians from the realms of civilised society.

With this three-pronged secular offensive is it any wonder that discrimination against serious Christians permeates the corridors of power?

Using the fraudulently obtained “intellectual high-ground” from atheist academia, secularists are “inventing” a new morality in this country. A morality that hates the “traditional morality” of the God of the Bible.

The New Morality has replaced Christianity’s “golden rule” (Matt 7:12) which defines how we should “love” one another, with a bankrupt, rotten version of “love” that secularists deceptively call “TOLERANCE”.

The secularist’s golden rule has infiltrated every aspect of our society and is forcing true Christian love underground. Christians consider it loving to warn people of the dangers inherent to their beliefs and behaviours. We never force people to listen to our advice but we lovingly give it at the risk of ridicule and scorn.

The fact that William Nye has just noticed that Christians are being “squeezed out” of society and persecuted for their faith in governement is frankly a little late in the game! What Mr Nye has just noticed are the fruits of 50 years of secular “guerilla” warfare against Christianity. Our society has now reached a point where secularist “guerilla” warfare has become a full frontal attack, occurring in all echelons of society including openly within government.

The New “Secular” Morality has firmly entrenched itself in power, believing any truth claim is arrogant and any opinion about another person’s behaviour is judgemental and narrow-minded, regardless of its validity.

The New Morality declares that feeling hurt is worse than being hurt. The truth of a statement doesn’t matter, all that matters is if the statement causes offense.

This morally bankrupt view of reality is rooted firmly in the insane philosophy of postmodernism, where truth and reason don’t exist, or at least only exist subjectively within the minds of different communities.

Secularists have mercilessly promoted this poisonous postmodern view of reality and reason to eradicate Christianity from Great Britain.

They don’t care what they have to destroy in the process. No matter how much of everybody else’s wealth and freedom they have to sacrifice, they will destroy Christianity at any cost!

From all of the secularist propaganda spewed forth from the mainstream media and the public school system, you could be forgiven for believing that secularists actually care about minority groups – they do not!

Minorities are nothing but a useful tool in their mind. A tool that works in perfect unison with postmodernism, in their campaign to destroy Christianity.

The sad reality is that it is Christians who care about oppressed minorities and it is Christianity that secularists seek to destroy. By creating “inequality under the law” via “protected groups” legislation, secularists have turned minority groups’ beliefs and practices into a weapon to silence Christian beliefs, and have destroyed a fundamental principal of our nation in the process.

Equality legislation is not about minorities for secularists, it is about silencing Christianity.

Christianity is an exclusivist religion, claiming to know objective truth. What better weapon in the secularist battle against the Christian God than a group of people who deny objective truth even exists?

Whether Jesus is the only way to heaven (Acts 4:12) is true or false, becomes irrelevant. All that matters in postmodernist interpretations of equality is what a community believes.

By pandering to this warped view of reality, secularists can silence and marginalise all those who claim to know objective truth – namely their sworn enemies, Christians!

Postmodernism’s ridiculous focus on offense over truth leads to preposterous situations where medical experts are threatened with dismissal or legal action for highlighting the proven medical dangers of homosexual sexual activity. I imagine that even scientific studies and cold hard statistics could be banned if they were offensive to a “protected” group.

Even more worrying is that postmodernists also believe that reason is subjective and different for every community. This means that separate communities cannot debate and dialogue since they both have different rules of reason.

The obvious casualties of this secularist “Weapon of postmodern Mass-Destruction” are the real physical health of individuals over how they feel, the silencing of reasoned debate, the abolition of freedom of speech, the undermining of democracy and British values, moral totalitarianism dictated by government bureaucrats, and most seriously, truth itself.

All this to rid Great Britain of the Christian God. Are we as a nation sure this is what we really want?