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Racist, Xenophobic and Anti-Intellectual Say Progressive Elite

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Ian Johnston, Science Correspondent for the Independent, perfectly captures the heart of Brexit in his July 12th article entitled “Racist, xenophobic and anti-intellectual” – but not in the way he intended.

As is so often the case with progressives, unwavering belief in their own intellectual and moral superiority underpins everything.

Worse than your bog-standard progressive is the scientist or expert progressive who believes he now has scientific evidence in the form of his degree, to back up his own narcissistic delusions of grandeur.

When he speaks everybody should listen because he is an expert.

It does not matter where his expertise lies, it matters that he is part of the elitist rank of progressive atheists who have an ideological stranglehold on modern academia. When a member of this atheistic Magisterium speaks, truth is unveiled.

The modern academic establishment has become an atheistic-progressive cartel. It is held in its position of intellectual monopoly by the progressive main stream media and progressive government, which includes state monopoly of education.

Members of this progressive cult begrudgingly allow outsiders to have their own opinions provided they understand that non-progressive opinions are based on faith, not reality.

“You may believe what you will provided you understand that if you contradict us you are wrong.”

The above sentiment is at the root of modern liberalism and modern progressivism. It undergirds the justification of the atheistic-liberal notion that religion is a private matter, not to be aired in public, which then further strengthens the atheistic-progressive monopoly on truth.

The ideological battle against atheistic progressivism is being waged on many fronts including challenges to the progressive dogmas of atheistic Evolution, Identity Politics and Anthropomorphic Global Warming.

Sadly, the progressive cartel in education, government, mass media and big business has gleefully done its part in deceiving and misleading the general public regarding many of these vital issues.

To the minds of most, these battles against atheistic progressivism have gone unperceived as they did not directly relate to the everyday lives of everyday people.

In the wake of Brexit and the overt progressive hatred towards anyone who even whispered an anti-EU sentiment, everyday people are now paying very close attention.

For too long we have taken the pronouncements of experts from the progressive cartel as trustworthy. When other people were denounced as racist, xenophobic, anti-intellectual or bigoted most people just assumed they must be, as why would the intellectuals lie? The accusers had obviously looked into it and come to fact-based conclusions it was assumed.

This naive assumption has now been incontrovertibly proven false. Now that these same intellectuals are calling the very everyday people who once mistakenly trusted them “racist, xenophobic and anti-intellectual” we no longer have any excuse for our past naïveté. The progressive hatred of 17 million everyday people evidenced in the Brexit aftermath has blown the myth of intellectual impartiality out the water.

Experts from the progressive cartel are the worst kind of experts. They have sold out the public who trusted them for the approval of their progressive peers, or failing that, simply for their next grant.

To the remain scientists who believe the 17 million leave voters are really all “racist, xenophobic and anti-intellectual”, I ask you to work on your basic literacy before you speak in the name of the educated.

Neither racist, xenophobic nor anti-intellectual is defined as the desire to keep one’s own hard-earned money instead of allowing the government to take that money and give it to those who tow the progressive line.