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Everybody Hates WASPs

As I sit here in my office writing this article the rain is beating down outside. It’s late August, and technically it’s still summer here in England. Clearly no one told the weather that. In the dregs of summer as we currently are, wasps are a big problem if you want to do anything outside, especially if that anything involves food.

As you may or may not know, a wasp is not only an annoying black and yellow bug that likes to sting people, it is also an acronym.

White Anglo Saxon Protestant

Today it seems that the world hates this kind of wasp, just as much as it hates the black and yellow variety. Being a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant myself I find this very troubling.

Before I’ve even spoken or given an opinion on any particular topic, my words have already been judged based on who I am rather than on how persuasive and logical my arguments are. Why is this? Surely this is discriminating based on race, ethnicity, and religion. Whilst this is technically true, truth is overrated in these postmodern, politically correct times!

Postmodernism Strikes Again

Have you ever wondered why, in today’s society, all everybody seems to be talking about is discrimination? Discrimination is probably the second dirtiest word after intolerance in the new secular morality of the Western world. The second anybody mentions the word “discrimination”, all reasoning and logic are thrown out the window and replaced with primeval hatred and disgust for the one who has been accused of doing the discriminating.

Is Discrimination Really that Bad?

In times gone by, “discrimination” was used almost synonymously with “good judgment”.

“Discrimination stresses the power to distinguish and select what is true or appropriate or excellent” -Merriam-Webster online dictionary

Today, “discrimination” has been somewhat redefined by the powers who define political correctness to mean “evil judgement”.

The second you hear words being redefined you can be pretty sure that postmodernism is involved. Postmodernism’s involvement usually means trying to obfuscate the truth of any given situation and replace that truth with its own politically correct version of events.

“Discrimination” used to describe something that sensible and reasonable people did to make decisions. Now it has been stolen and redefined by postmodernism to label people who disagree with secularism and postmodernism as evil!

Anyone with a modicum of common sense knows that it is ridiculous to discriminate against somebody based on their race or ethnicity. Good people can come from any country or ethnic background. On the other hand, it should be just as clear that it is perfectly acceptable and logical to “discriminate” based on intelligence. Different jobs require different levels of intelligence therefore intelligence is a reasonable criteria for judgement/discrimination.

The whole educational system in the West “discriminates” based on intelligence. People who are clever get As, people who are less clever get Bs, all the way down the alphabet as far as you need. When you hear talk of abolishing grades or abolishing competition in education you know you’re dealing with a postmodern because to postmoderns, all forms of discrimination are evil.

No Logic Please – We’re Postmodern

At its heart “discrimination” uses a set of logical and reasonable criteria to make a judgment about what is best. Postmodernism denies objective reality, including objective logic and objective good making all forms of discrimination anti-postmodern.

  • Postmodernism says – No Objective Good: – Without objective good there can be no “best” because “best” requires an objective good to aim for. Without an objective “best” there is no need to make judgements/discriminate.
  • Postmodernism says – No Objective Logic: – Without objective logic you can make no judgement because correct judgment requires logic, so don’t be so arrogant as to even try to judge! Discrimination = Arrogance.
  • Postmodernism says – No Objective Morality: – Without objective reality nobody has the right to believe that one person’s actions are objectively “better” than another’s. In effect this means that no human “should” ever use the words “should” or “ought to” when it comes to discussing human behaviour.

Every human in his heart of hearts knows that a worldview that has to believe that is utter rubbish!

If you believe that some human actions are objectively evil and you believe that sound logic and debate can be used to convince people of truth and reality you “should” reject postmodernism and its hatred of discrimination.

No Objective Logic Means No Cross-Cultural Dialogue

No two cultures can have any sort of logical or coherent discourse within the postmodern view of logic because logic is seen as a cultural phenomenon not a universal set of truths. Each culture is supposed to have its own rules of logic in postmodern thought.

If you thought that language was a barrier to cultural integration, how much more so the postmodern view of logic.

In Europe and America, multiculturalism is the order of the day and this order was championed by secularism and postmodernism. Postmodernism’s denial of cross-cultural (objective) logic poses a serious problem for multi-cultural societies.

The postmodern view of logic means that different sub-cultures cannot really talk and relate to each other as they can’t even agree on the rules of reason. Without this firm foundation rational discourse and mutual understanding are impossible.

How can there be any sort of national identity when postmoderns espouse a view of logic that makes cultural integration and assimilation totally impossible? Could it be that postmodernism’s facade of being the ideology that cares for the “little guy” (“little/minority, guy/girl/LGBTQ”) is nothing but a ploy to create national turmoil and cultural chaos and overthow the Christian values of the past. This cultural chaos and lack of national identity will inevitably lead to a push towards the end of nation states and cultures in favour of the “global society” and human culture.

Out of one side of its mouth postmodernism promotes multicultural societies but from the other side it promotes a way of thinking that makes the social integration of different cultures under one nation – multi-culturalism, impossible.

No Cultural Custom Better Than Another

Since postmodernism denies objective good, one culture’s customs cannot be better than another’s. Couple this with the societal multi-culturalism we have today and you have a cacophony of different customs and values forced together like oil and water.

Imagine one culture considers women as little more than a man’s property, and another culture views women as equal to men in every way. According to the postmodern both are equally valid. This is where the insanity of postmodernism implodes in on itself. Postmodernism claims to champion women’s rights but it can’t even deny that there is anything wrong with cultures that oppress women! Never fear however – logical incoherence doesn’t matter to this poisonous worldview as logic is not real, it’s just a social construct!

Why everybody hates WASPS

The culture and customs of White Anglo-Saxon Protestants is, for the most part, a culture based on Judeo-Christian values which just so happens to be the cultural source of the free, rich and prosperous Western world – join the dots! This is an extremely troubling truth to the postmodern as most people would agree that being free, rich and prosperous is a good thing, which implies that a specific culture has shown itself to be more conducive than others to bringing about this good. This suggests that some cultures are “better” than others.

As I have already said discriminating based on race or ethnicity is absurd. The freedom, wealth and prosperity of the West has nothing to do with the WAS in WASP. The defining feature of Western cultural values that has led to such freedom, wealth and prosperity is the P in WASP – Protestant (adherence to the Word and standards of God as the final authority in life). What you believe about yourself and your fellow man is critical to how you act towards your fellow man.

Where the cultural values of the West have aligned with the commandments of the Christian God, freedom, wealth and prosperity have naturally followed

The fact that people from other cultures want to come to the West and experience the fruits of cultural values rooted in the Christian God, only adds fuel to the fire for the postmodern. Not only does this imply that certain cultural values are better than others it also implies that people do actually believe objectively that freedom is better than slavery, wealth is better than poverty, prosperity is better than stagnation and hard-work is better than sloth. This is a denial of everything postmodernism stands for!

Postmoderns hate WASPs because the freedom and prosperity that has come from WASP cultural values when compared to the slavery and poverty that has come from different cultural values, evidences the total falsehood of all of the tenets postmodernism holds most dear. Take for example Christian America vs the atheist Soviet Union.


As Christians we must vehemently stand against the postmodernist notion that all cultural values are equal.

The postmodernist assertion behind the claim that all cultural values are equal is that there is no objective standard by which to judge cultural values. This stands in direct opposition to Christianity.

Christianity believes in an objective standard, and that standard is God. Cultural customs and values can and must be judged on how they conform to or rebel from the commandments of God.

A key difference between the Christian and the postmodern is that for the postmodern, the culture is the final standard of right and wrong. This means that whatever the culture does is “good” by postmodern definition.

The other side of the coin is also true, that nothing a culture does can be judged as “evil” since the culture is the final arbiter of right and wrong.

Christianity on the other hand has God as the final standard, so the actions of a culture can indeed be called good if they line up with the commandments of God, or evil if they deviate from them.

A postmodern cannot say that what Hitler did to the Jews was evil because Nazi Germany was the final moral standard for Germans in Hitler’s time according to postmodernism. If postmodernism cannot condemn Hitler how can this worldview stop another Hitler happening again.

If that were not a good reason to fight every aspect of this dangerous worldview, I don’t know what is!