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Pseudo-Science vs Pseudo-Christianity

Atheists First Scientists Second

The scientific community of today has been high-jacked by naturalism. Naturalists believe that material causes are all there are and ever will be. There are no explanations for material effects except material explanations according to this philosophy. “In effect” this means that no matter how good the arguments or how strong the evidence for God, scientific naturalists can never allow God to be a cause of anything.

Science certainly didn’t start this way, but if impartial scientists who are willing to follow the evidence wherever it leads, do not challenge naturalism’s strangle hold on science, science’s credibility will certainly end this way! Naturalism amounts to an a priori exclusion of God from the field of science before any evidence is even presented.

The clear problem here is that us commoners always believed that science was the quest for truth. We all believe what the scientific community tell us on the assumption that they have fairly and honestly examined ALL the evidence and drawn their expert opinions based upon ALL the evidence.

It turns out this assumption is false! Atheists in science have rejected a large portion of evidence simply because it does not fit with their atheistic, naturalistic view of the world. In any other field, this is known as “rigging the game”!

Today the scientific establishment is populated with “scientists”, who are atheists first and scientists second. This does not bode well for following the evidence wherever it may lead – the mark of true science.

Naturalism – Atheism’s Religion

Secular science denies Christianity before any evidence has even been considered, teaching with all the fervour of a religion, that “in the beginning God created… according to its kind” is actually…

In the beginning was the primordial goo which eventually CHANCE turned into you.

Atheists masquerading as impartial scientists cling to a theory that is over 150 years old that with each new modern scientific discovery seems to become less and less plausible. The reason they cling so fervently to the Theory of Evolution is that it is the best naturalistic explanation for life on earth available. However, as better technology discovers more and more about the extreme complexity of even the simplest, most basic forms of life, random chance starts to seem a bit of a ridiculous explanation for how things became so complex.

Naturalists begrudgingly admit the improbability of Evolution when they entertain notions of aliens “seeding” our galaxy. What this actually says is that all the evidence we have seems to suggest that it requires some form of intelligence to bring about the type of complexity we see on planet Earth so in all likelihood random chance won’t cut it as an explanation! So now naturalism has forced science to believe in “little green men” over and above the God of Christianity all because it refuses to accept God as a cause of anything. How impartial and beneficial to the human race!

Is Christianity Anti-Science?

Atheists like to claim that their brand of science is the child of the Renaissance/Enlightenment era, the Age of Reason. Whilst this is true to a certain extent of true science, modern secular science has strayed too far from its rational roots in the Enlightenment. Rather than using reason to find truth (something which Christianity fully supports) it uses reason to exclude evidence which doesn’t fit with atheism.

What masquerades as science today, championed by the likes of Richard Dawkins and the New Atheists, is not the rational quest for truth and understanding which the Enlightenment birthed. Rather, it is the stubborn refusal, based on irrational, a priori naturalism, to follow the physical evidence to a supernatural Designer if that were indeed the direction the evidence were to point.

This type of science has become nothing more than irrational, head-in-the-sand, materialism. It is totally anti-scientific. Fallen man in his arrogance wants to be like God. Science hones in on one aspect of God’s nature – omniSCIENCE. Atheistic science wants to believe that through scientific naturalism man can know everything about the universe, just like God! It stubbornly refuses to accept that there may be more to the universe than matter and energy because this would imply there are things we cannot know by ourselves. Atheistic science corrupts science picking and choosing from the evidence it likes to weave together theories which allow it the possibility of “omniscience”.

So to answer the question: – “is Christianity Anti-Science”?

Modern secular science is anti-science. Christianity and true science both agree in their condemnation of atheistic science.

How Can Christianity Be Pro-Science – What About The Dark Ages?

At this point, many an atheist/liberal will be objecting to Christianity as a bastion of true science, their minds conjuring up images of dark rooms and torturous devices used to “encourage” real, naturalistic scientists to believe unquestioningly in the doctrines of the Catholic Church. Galileo, the Pope, and heliocentrism will all probably be on the tips of their tongues.

Let me be the first to say that this was a very dark period in church history. But, do the teachings and actions of the Catholic Church show that Christianity at its heart is anti-intellectual and anti-science?

There is no doubt that the church of the Dark Ages acted in an anti-intellectual, anti-science AND ANTI-CHRISTIAN manner. Many of the church’s actions during this period of history were abhorrent and were the antithesis of the teachings of Christ – true Christianity. In Matthew 7:15 – 20 Jesus taught that you would recognise false Christians “by their fruit” – their obedience to Christ’s teachings.

The church during the dark ages was run by false Christians, people who did not believe in the true God of the Bible as evidenced by their actions. Christianity is all about following Christ’s teachings, if you don’t follow Jesus, you are NOT A CHRISTIAN.

Atheists don’t like to think too hard about whether the church of the Dark Ages was actually real Christianity because it would nullify one of their emotional calls to keep the Christian God out of science because he’s evil!

Atheists recognise as objectively evil (surprisingly, seeing as objective good and evil can’t really exist when we are all just random convergences of meaningless molecules) the deeds carried out by the Catholic Church in the Dark Ages and use this to scaremonger the world into excluding God from science.

This method of reasoning has served many a tyrannical despot in unjustly discrediting his opposition. Gather a group of evil people, bribe them with riches and power to become members of the group you seek to discredit, then blame the group for all the evil actions of the false converts you placed in the group.

Christianity is judged not on the actions of its so-called converts, rather so-called converts are judged on how their actions follow the teachings of Jesus.

The whole of this period in history was the fruit of so-called “Christians” abandoning biblical authority and pledging allegiance to fallible men headed by the Pope.

Allegiance to the Holy Roman Empire was a direct rejection of Jesus’ teaching that his kingdom “was not of this world” – John 18:36. Converting people by force is totally contrary to the teachings of Jesus. Jesus emphasized belief not works, saying that belief/trust in Him was the only path to salvation (Romans 3:28, Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 4:5, Romans 5:1, Romans 10:4, Galatians 3:6, Philippians 3:9).

The Catholic emphasis on salvation by works can lead to this false view of making people “act” like Christians to get them into heaven. At its worst it can lead to forced conversions as witnessed in the Dark Ages.

The result was a worldly kingdom that perpetrated great evil and was Christian in name only. This period of church history was the epitome of ANTI-CHRISTIAN.

Real Christianity and Real Science Both Seek Truth

The heart of real science is the quest for truth. Real science does not dismiss certain evidence because it doesn’t like where the evidence points. Naturalism has poisoned science changing its goal from seeking truth to producing atheist propaganda. A great many of the founders of science were creationists, it is only recently that science has become synonymous with naturalism.

The heart of real Christianity is the quest for spiritual truth. Jesus claimed to be this Truth (John 14:6). The apostle Paul said that if Jesus didn’t actually rise from the dead then Christianity is a waste of time (1 Corinthians 15:17).

Paul and most of the other apostles died testifying to the truth of Christ and His teachings. Christianity is all about truth, just like real science!
I wonder how many of today’s naturalistic scientists would be willing to die testifying to their belief that all causes and explanations in the universe are ultimately materialistic in nature.