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The “No True Scientist (Scotsman) Fallacy”

When your arguments dry up and look less and less plausible with every new scientific discovery … what do you do?
Do you rethink your position?
…No way!
You adopt the tried and tested method that every person with a stake on the wrong side of the debate has always done.

  • You attack the person making the argument whilst diligently ignoring the argument.
  • You equivocate with language by redefining your terms and misdirecting the debate.
  • You attack the motives of the proponents of the argument whilst diligently ignoring the argument.
  • You scare people by listing all the perceived dangers of adopting the argument whilst diligently ignoring the argument.
  • And if all else fails you SILENCE THE DEBATE

Ad Hominem Attacks – Attacking the Person not the Argument:

Regardless of the media involved, whether it be Facebook, the newspapers, the television or just the comments section after an article about Evolution, no one who questions the atheist’s god of random chance, or their religion of Evolution is safe.

The vitriolic scorn poured out against anybody who dares question even the slightest point of evolutionary doctrine is immense. You have to be extremely brave and very thick-skinned to write even a critical word against Evolution. And this is by DESIGN!

The aim of atheists – many of whom are also scientists, is not to refute arguments brought against Evolution, it is to use intimidation and fear tactics to smear the name of anyone who would question Evolution, regardless of how valid the argument raised. Truth is the casualty of such vitriol.

Redefining Words to Trick the Casual Observer – The Old Bait ‘n Switch:

This is a trick that atheists, progressives and post-moderns all love within their particular niches. Use the same words as your Christian opponent but make them mean different things. Evolutionists in one breath define Evolution in terms of natural selection, adaptation and variation. This refers to clearly observable phenomena such as finch beaks changing shape to adapt to their environment.

In the very next breathe they redefine Evolution to mean an amoeba evolving into you. They then imply that creationists don’t believe in Evolution (natural selection and variation) – i.e. we don’t believe that a horse is related to a zebra and a donkey, or that finch beaks can change shape to adapt to their environment. This makes people think that creationists really are crazy because natural selection and adaptation so obviously happen!

What is not obvious, or observable, or repeatable, is how an amoeba evolved into you.

  • Creationists believe in the natural selection/adaptation definition – the one with all the evidence.
  • Creationists DO NOT believe in the amoeba to man definition – the one with no good evidence.

By switching definitions depending on whom they are trying to convince, evolutionists trick people into a false impression of the opposition to their theory.

Attacking the Motives of Creationists:

The most common caricature of creationists is to class them as amateur scientists compared to the “REAL, PhD scientists” of Evolution. Whilst there are plenty of creationists who are not scientists there are also plenty who are – just have a look here.

Non-scientist creationists listen to PhD-scientist creationists!

The BIG LIE presented by the secular media is that all creationists are total morons, with no scientific or philosophical understanding whatsoever. The inconvenient truth for atheists making this claim is that the best arguments made against evolution are by scientists with PhDs.

Sadly this does not stop a group of scientific atheists with a religion to uphold. The next retort when the public realises that actually critics of evolution do have PhDs is to declare that the evolutionary critics’ PhDs are not “REAL PhDs”. “REAL” being defined as a PhD from a university that only allows evolutionary scientists access.

This leads nicely to what in my opinion, all things being equal, would be the most plausible argument of the atheistic scientists…

The majority of scientists believe in Evolution therefore so should you!

Let me be clear, I love science. On issues like how to make an electric car that can go further than 30 miles, scientists are GREAT! We all agree, although some people probably think that petrol worked just fine! However, evolutionary scientists have stepped seriously beyond their pay grade when they speak of origins.

The science that is used to make all the modern inventions we know and love today is NOT the same science used to investigate Evolution’s veracity. The first kind of science which is observable, measurable and repeatable is so much more certain than the historical guess work that is done to investigate events that happened supposedly millions of years ago with no one there to verify, measure or repeat.

Evolutionary scientists cleverly transfer the trust we have in real science to use observable, measurable and repeatable events to create clever technology, to a field which is far less trustworthy – Evolutionary Theory.

All atheist scientists certainly don’t believe Jesus was God but they can’t even decide amongst themselves if Jesus was a real person from 2000 years ago. This should make us highly dubious or their certainty when it comes to events like amoeba to man Evolution that supposedly occurred many millions of years ago!

Atheistic scientists want you to believe their historical speculations are just as certain and reliable as the science that we use and trust every day. THEY ARE NOT!

Creationists are a danger to [fill in the blank]

The next bullet in the barrel of the atheistic scientist is to invent dangerous and disastrous calamities for science, for children, for society, for…[fill in the blank] if creationists are allowed into the scientific establishment. Atheistic scientists imply…

We won’t be able to invent more iPhones or curved flat-screen TVs if you allow creationists into our midst because they will destroy science!

The public hears “no more TV” and instantly agrees with whatever the secular scientists say. Of course the “they will destroy science” idea tacitly implies that atheistic scientists are actively keeping creationists out of the scientific community at the moment, which in turn takes away the credibility of the scientific consensus on evolutionary issues – their most appealing argument in the public’s eyes.

This atheist scaremongering seeks to marginalize a whole group of people and then blame them for terrible things that could happen if they were allowed to go mainstream! This a priori silencing of theories that go against the atheistic scientist’s consensus is devastating to true scientific inquiry…but let’s worry about the dangerous creationists!

Evolution – Atheism’s Attempt to Explain Away the Obvious:

Obvious design obviously needs a designer!

Evolution has proven to be the rocket fuel needed to get atheism off the ground over the last century or so. It has provided intellectual credibility to atheism and removed it from Christianity.

As we all know in our heart of hearts, we humans really like to sound clever. Evolution has allowed atheism to sound really clever by stealing the intellectual high-ground from Christianity. It is very unlikely that atheists will ever allow evidence to take away that newly-acquired ground.

Before Evolution, most honest individuals would look at the amazing beauty, awe-inspiring size and complexity of the world and the heavens and correctly reason that it takes a designer to design something so complex and intricately balanced. Evolution gave all want-to-be atheists, who did not like the accountability implications of a Designer, an easy out.

Happily for true, impartial scientific inquiry, truth never stays silenced for long!

“Biologists must constantly keep in mind that what they see was not designed, but rather evolved.” -Francis Crick, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA

“For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.” –GOD (Romans 1:19)