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Secular Insanity

For a long time now the secular liberal media has clung tooth and nail to the idea that democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, freedom of expression and mutual respect are globally recognised ideals.

As the so-called “Arab Spring” has run its course secularists have been fighting an uphill battle against the facts. The secular notion that given half a chance everybody would enthusiastically embrace democracy and freedom now seems laughably naive.

Secularists desperately try to deny the need for the Christian God to justify and maintain “Western” values like freedom and democracy but they keep crashing head first into all the evidence to the contrary.

In 2016 every secularist wishing to retain any intellectual credibility is having to rethink their views concerning the universality of Western values.

The Cold Hard Truth

The “Arab Spring” has become the “Arab Winter” and the rise of the Islamic State has reminded secular humanists that their wishful thinking about the inherent goodness of man doesn’t match the facts.

No matter how often they try to convince everybody that mankind is inherently good our history as well as current events keep ruining their lovely but fanciful narrative.

If the troubles in the Arab world have taught us anything it is that not everybody wants democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, freedom of expression and mutual respect.

The Heart of Man

Contrary to secular humanism, Christianity acknowledges both the greatness of man (Genesis 1:27), clearly evident in our superiority to the rest of nature and also our depravity (Jeremiah 17:9), clearly evident throughout much of our history.

Secular humanism focuses only on the greatness of man and chooses to totally ignore our depravity. The foundational beliefs of this religion/worldview are that man is inherently good and God does not exist. In the utopian world of secular humanism values are based on what man as a corporate entity deems to be “good” – God has no say. The Word of God tells us that building a religion around man is rotten to the core and is inspired by the arch-deceiver – Satan (Isaiah 14:13-15, Genesis 3:5).

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. -Revelation 13:18

Fallen Men With A Mission

Since the “Flower Power” revolution of the 1960s an extremely well-orchestrated, calculating and motivated group of secularists have been trying to tear down Western society, destroying our Judeo-Christian values, and rebuilding Western society “in their own image”.

The “Flower Power” revolution was co-opted by these haters of the Christian God and used as a means to turn the Western world against Christianity. Since then, secularist propaganda has sought to convince us all that Christianity is oppressive, unfair, and unjustifiable in today’s modern era.

Whole new systems of thought were invented by secular God-haters to deny the obvious need for God within human experience. Postmodernism is a classic example of such an insane system of thought, whose raison d’être seems to have been to make all evidence for God purely subjective thus destroying its persuasive power.

Once secularist academics, who 10 years earlier were cannabis puffing, Flower Power revolutionaries, had led the next generation sufficiently far from evidence, logic and reason, it was far easier for everyone to deny their Creator.

In those days there was no King over Israel.Everyone did what was right in his own eyes -Judges 17:6

With the postmodernist Pandora’s Box wide open the next generation saw no good reason to restrain their desires based on the out-dated, subjective ramblings of a bunch of ignorant misogynistic religious exclusivists. And for those who did still want to cling to the universal truth claims of science, secular scientists had deified the unproved, unobserved, unmeasured narrative of Evolution to block God there as well.

Telling people they can do whatever they want is a very popular message and an easy sell. Add some psychedelic drugs, cannabis and a dash of Eastern mysticism and you have the foundation of a very powerful movement. In 2016 we are privy to the fruits of this God-hating revolution.

Postmodernist Insanity

Since the 1960s leftists and secularists have accused the Western world of “cultural imperialism”. By cultural imperialism they mean promoting one culture’s values over another’s. Since postmodernism and secularism are largely Western phenomena, the focus of postmodernist critique has been the values of the Western world, values that stem from a Judeo-Christian worldview.

Behind the use of the term “cultural imperialism” as an insult, is the view that no one culture’s moral values are “better” than any other’s.

This insane, ridiculous and extremely dangerous notion is the root cause of all of the turmoil we have found ourselves trying to deal with in the West, from the Arab Spring to the current European Migrant Crisis.

Postmodernists cannot help but tie themselves into insoluble knots when they come up against cultures that advocate slavery and the servitude of women and religious dissenters within society. By their own definition these cultural values can be no better or worse than the Judeo-Christian values of the West, and so must be accepted as equal!

At this point many secularists will be protesting that they do not espouse postmodernism and moral relativism. The question for this brand of secularist then is, what values do you espouse, and most importantly why should everybody else adhere to your values?

Value relativism is a natural and logical position to adopt when you deny the existence of God as secularism does.

With secularism, belief in objective moral values that everybody should adhere to, is most certainly not natural nor is it logically defensible!

Without God man has no solid foundation on which to anchor his definition of good and evil. One man’s evil is another man’s good. To the secularist there is no LOGICALLY DEFENSIBLE “higher authority” available by which one man can condemn the actions of another.

Secularists bury this fatal truth under a mountain of clever philosophical theories and fallacious appeals to authority, but the reality is that without God there is no final “appeal to authority”.

In our heart of hearts we all know that some things are evil, and therefore secularism should be rejected.

Why Such Insanity?

In a fallen world sin is far stronger than reason

The reason we find ourselves in such “moral” turmoil and political indecisiveness in the face of such obvious evil is because die-hard secularism is willing to trample every moral value, everything that is good – even reason itself, into the dust in order to keep God out of the affairs of men.

Secularists love to blame “religion” as the root of all evil but behind all their propaganda lies the fatal flaw in any view that seeks to deny God. Without universal good (God), there is no universal evil. Since we all know evil exists (Hitler, Stalin) we should all accept that good/GOD exists.

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. -Romans 1:20

Have you ever wondered why the Devil continues to fight against God even when he knows God is omnipotent and thus undefeatable. The answer is that sin corrupts. Logic would dictate that the Devil give up and surrender, but sin in fallen creatures is stronger than logic.

Logic is a function of God’s nature just like goodness. Sin is antithetical to God’s nature so at their core sin and logic are incompatible.

Secularism’s foundational belief is sinful therefore secularism at its heart must fly in the face of logic.

Without God, nation states have no ultimate standard that can be used to condemn the actions of another nation/culture as evil. It is from the fallacious secularist notion of cultural relativism that the progressive value of “tolerance” was born.

The progressive “Tolerance” is not true Christian tolerance but simply a euphemism for apathy toward evil.

Whilst this type of tolerance may work when evil is on the other side of the world, it most certainly does not work when evil comes knocking at your door.

The European Migrant Crisis and the failure of the Arab Spring have shown secularism to be morally deficient and totally unworkable in the face of evil.

Make no mistake I am not calling migrants evil – God forbid, I am saying that allowing evils such as honour killings, anti-Semitism and female subjugation, to be perpetrated under the banner of cultural diversity is wholly intolerable to all those who claim to know good.

For too long we have eaten the putrid fruit of the secularist vine, hiding evil behind cultural relativism. It is long past time for our nation to return to the True Vine (John 15:1) that had previously sustained us so well, for so long.

Only Christianity has the logical coherency, the observable, objective evidence and the transcendent authority to bear the weight of ideals such as individual freedom and human dignity in a fallen world.

All other pretenders are sadly lacking, and when “weighed in the balances, are found wanting.” (Daniel 5:25-27)