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Secular Semantics

He Who Defines the Terms Wins the Debate

With the rise of radical Islam and ISIS, and the subsequent threat to our national security, words like “extremist”, “fundamentalist” and “terrorist” are in the forefront of everybody’s mind.

For most people the definitions of these words are vague, but what is clear to the majority of peace loving folk is that any of these words is synonymous with EVIL!

This is a perfectly understandable position to adopt as ISIS is EVIL and all three words could be used to describe its adherents. However, is it correct to consider “extremist”, “fundamentalist” and “terrorist”as synonymous terms?

Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste

The sad fact is that certain unscrupulous groups are using the fear of Islamic invasion and the subsequent barbarity and murder that has most of us so worried as a means to further their own subversive agendas.

It is no coincidence that at the same time as radical Islam and ISIS have expanded in power and influence, aggressive strains of secularism have taken massive strides forward towards their globalist, socialist, anti-Christian agendas in nations that were once considered Christian.

Secular politicians and the secular/liberal main-stream media scour the globe looking for any stories that could be spun to paint bible-believing Christians with the same brush as Islamic terrorists. Powerful haters of the Christian God have all come together to use the Islamic Crisis as a weapon to dismantle any last vestige of biblical Christianity in the Western world.

Secularists Don’t Care About Muslims

Our leaders and the mean-stream media have refused to label acts of Islamic terrorism as Islamic because supposedly it might offend all the peaceful Muslims, or so the secular narrative goes.

If only they would be so considerate to the sensitivities of the bible-believing Christian community!

The cold truth is that failing to label Islamic terrorism as Islamic is not about protecting peaceful Muslims. It’s about furthering the secularist agenda.

Secularists couldn’t care less about Muslims. It’s bible-believing Christians who really care about Muslims. Our God died for all the world, including Muslims. The real issue is that failing to correctly identify Islamic terrorism as Islamic allows secularists to tar Christianity with the same filthy brush as radical Islam and thus discredit, marginalize and eventually criminalise Bible-believing Christianity.

These aggressive secularists control the main-stream media and roam the halls of political power with impunity. It is for this reason that “extremist”, “fundamentalist” and “terrorist” have all become synonymous in the minds of the British public. We have been brain-washed by the people who define the terms – the secular media!

What’s in a Name

Aggressive secularists/progressives are using every dirty trick in the book to attach the “extremist” and “fundamentalist” labels to anyone who disagrees with their progressive agenda.

They have already succeeded in cementing the correctly negative connotations of “terrorist” to the label “fundamentalist”. This fabricated relationship between the two words plays perfectly into their anti-Christian agenda. Bible-believing Christians believe the bible “fundamentally” but they most certainly do not believe in terrorism to spread their beliefs. Unfortunately due to the secular media’s desire to promote their godless narrative in spite of the facts, this key fact never sees the light of day.

Anyone who is willing to think for a minute can see that fundamentalism is entirely about the beliefs you hold “fundamentally”, in itself it is neither EVIL nor GOOD.

“Terrorism” on the other hand is EVIL because it tells you that a belief of a “terrorist” is to use terror to propagate his beliefs. By creating this false relationship between the two words secularists have created a powerful weapon to marginalise Bible-believing Christianity.

Hate Crimes Are the New Evil

whatishateBefore Great Britain was polluted by postmodern thinking, dialectical reasoning and the cultural Marxism of political correctness, we used to consider murder, rape, theft, assault and deceit as some of the most serious crimes around. Those days are in the past, firmly buried alongside our Judeo-Christian heritage. The “New Morality” championed by secularist progressives has HATE as the worst crime.

Secular Morality/Insanity – “Thou Shalt Hate Hate”

You can tell this “New Morality” has postmodern progressivism (a favourite ideology of aggressive secularists) behind it, because it is absolutely insane!

How can you believe in condemning something as evil that you yourself are doing… unless you are really promoting EVIL!

As with the false relationship that progressives have cultivated between “fundamentalism” and “terrorism”, the whole HATE speech issue is based on a similar fallacy.

Just like fundamentalism in itself is not EVIL, HATE in itself is not EVIL either.

HATE, just like fundamentalism is a relational term that can only be assessed in light of that to which it is relating. For example, hopefully every good and honest citizen of Great Britain HATES murder. The reason you should hate murder is that murder is evil.

On the other side of the coin every evil and dishonest citizen of Great Britain HATES justice because justice is good. Focusing the debate onto hate itself is a giant red-herring aimed at hiding the real problem for secularists and other God-haters.

Without God no moral value can claim superiority over another

Progressive secularists understand that logically speaking they cannot take any moral high ground because under their worldview there is no moral high ground!

Any moral value an atheist God-hater comes up with is entirely arbitrary. They can certainly not appeal to reason or conscience, so all they can do is silence opposing moral views by force which is exactly what hate speech laws do. No reason, no logic, no conscience just the cold, hard “barrel of a gun” (government enforcement).

Agree With Us Or We Put You In Prison

Hate speech laws are the epitome of anti-Christian and in my view people who promote and believe in these laws are far more worthy to be mentioned in the same breath as “terrorist” than freedom loving, God-fearing, peace-loving Christians.

Bible-believing Christians do not want to put homosexuals, adulterers, blasphemers or secularists in prison. We care deeply for every one of them and only wish them good (coming to a non-coerced knowledge of their Saviour Jesus Christ).

The fact is we care far more for each of them than they care for each other. We only want to be allowed to believe that the Creator of the Universe has the right to set the ultimate moral standard and to gently encourage others to believe the same!

Freedom, not coercion is the heart of Christianity. Forced compliance is the heart of militant Islam and secularism.