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The Indomitable March To Global Tyranny

Since the 1960s a very determined, intelligent and patient group of secularists have been plotting the demise of Western society and its rebirth under a secular global government. The secular instigators of this incremental revolution hate traditional Western values because they are based on the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible whom they despise above all else.

The secularist-globalist agenda is nothing less than the moral, spiritual, political and economic destruction of Western society. Out of the ashes of traditional Western society they plan to create a new global, secular society based around the values and whims of a governing secular elite.

These subversives seek to remove the Judeo-Christian God from the hearts and minds of every citizen in their New World Order whether it be by persuasive propaganda or just by brute force.

Until recently this secularist-globalist agenda has sought to “educate” the Western world and persuade us via the mass media, of the sensible, compassionate, loving and inclusive gospel they are preaching. This propaganda strategy has been steadily working on the hearts and minds of Western culture for the last 50 years.

The Dumbing Down of the Western World

Selling a global socialistic utopia to the masses works best if the masses are badly-educated, historically-ignorant, nanny-state dependant and most importantly politically apathetic. Moral relativism, secularism and postmodernism have provided the intellectual justification for this dumbing-down, fooling the “dumbed-down” into believing that they are actually the “enlightened” ones. After all if truth is all relative like every good postmodern will tell you, then why bother to learn any!

The unpublicized aim of the people behind this agenda is to weaken Western democracy to the point where they can steal freedom from under the noses of those who supposedly vote them into power and set up their socialist world order.

Everybody knows that academia is full of leftists, so is it any wonder that academia is coming up with mind-numbing ideas such as postmodernism to stop people thinking logically. No rational person would wilfully give up individual freedom for mass servitude. This is where postmodernism, propaganda and political skulduggery come in.

Chipping Away at The Foundations

The foundations of freedom are rooted in the beliefs of the free. If the “free” believe that one culture’s values cannot be morally superior to another’s then freedom loving democracies cannot be seen as better than tyrannical communist cultures.

This view makes voting for those that claim Western democracies are superior to Eastern communist countries appear culturally discriminatory, nationalistic/fascist, bigoted or any of the other one line debate silencers that postmoderns are so fond of.

These subversive ideas being spewed out of academia have been chipping away at the foundations of freedom for over 50 years much to the glee of the secular globalist elites. Democracy is being destroyed by tricking the electorate into believing democracy is not superior to autocracy.

Once the electorate has been “re-educated” into apathy (or disdain) for Western values such as freedom and democracy it is far easier for the secularist-globalist powers-that-be to start introducing laws that are clearly anti-democratic and anti-freedom.

Laws start to be decided by unaccountable international groups rather than by national leaders who are elected by the national electorate. Nations go through the motions of democracy but the important policies are decided by external laws and directives about which we the voters have no say whatsoever.

The Christian Persecution Complex

Many secularists are trying to silence Christian objections to their secularist-globalist agenda by claiming Christians are not being persecuted at all, it’s all in our minds. This is laughable in the face of all the “gay-cake”, hate speech and “equality” legislation being passed at the moment which serves purely as a secular club to batter Christians into silence through fear of losing their friends/job/business or freedom.

It is very telling that as the secularist-globalist agenda gains ground it is Christians who are the ones being persecuted. The reason is that Christians cannot be politically and morally apathetic to what God calls evil. We have a judge in heaven who will not allow us to sit idly by whilst godless men spread their new morality by force across God’s earth.

For Christians, religious liberty and freedom from state-controlled/sanctioned religious belief is really the most important issue there is.

For us, God decides what His followers must believe and do, not the state. We are to submit to the state as long as the state does not exceed its God-given right to rule. This right to rule does not include the right to govern our thoughts and beliefs (Mark 12:17, Romans 13:4).

For the secularist, the state is all there is. There is no God, so it falls on the educated “elite” bureaucrats to decide morality. These globalist-secularists wish to bestow upon the state god-like powers to regulate thought and religious belief, and the first belief they want to regulate/eradicate is the Judeo-Christian God who stands in direct opposition to their plans.

The New Tolerance

Secularism has redefined tolerance away from the Christian idea of allowing people with whom you disagree to express their beliefs in public. It has now been reshaped into a club to beat down and silence traditional/Christian beliefs and values. The new tolerance has been a powerful weapon in the arsenal of the secularist conspirators.

Tolerance now means the prohibition against expressing a belief or opinion that may offend a “protected group”.

The power of “tolerance” to the secularists comes from the fact that they control what groups are “protected”.

If you are in any doubt as to whether you belong to a protected group you need only examine what defines your group and decide if that value or norm goes against the values of the Christian God. If it does, you can almost guarantee you are “protected”!

If you find yourself in a “protected” group, you can be quite sure that you are being used by a political secularist elite with an agenda.

You can also be quite sure that the final phase of that agenda is certainly not your “protection”. Rather it is the same agenda the globalist-secularists have been pursuing for the last 50 odd years, namely the destruction of Western culture, freedom and democracy and your servitude to a global secular group of unaccountable bureaucrats.

Whilst this new tolerance may seem like a good idea to the politically uniformed or the secularist “informed”, it represents a huge shift away from freedom of speech towards the censorship of any opinion that goes against the current rulers.

It does not take much detective work to see the potentially disastrous consequences this will inevitably have on democracy and freedom.
Political opinion and expression are now open to censorship by the current ruling party.

When Tolerance Has Served Its Purpose

It was Pastor Martin Niemöller who wrote the famous poem “First They Came…” about the incremental silencing of all the different groups who opposed state tyranny under Hitler in World War II.

The poignant message of his poem was that usually-decent people are all-to-easily intimidated into silence by an overly powerful state that gradually takes away other people’s freedoms. Inevitably one day that same state will come knocking at their door to take them away as well, and then there will be nobody left to stand for them.

This same story will be replayed by the secularists who seek to destroy freedom and democracy and replace it with state-controlled “order” where the values and opinions of the secular elite are the only values that are “tolerated”.

At the moment Christian values (not to mention the Christian God) such as freedom of belief, freedom of will, freedom of religion, the inherent value of human life and universal good and evil, are the main obstacles on the path to the fulfilment of the secularist’s global agenda, but they are far from finished yet!

God First, Christians Second and Everyone else Last

In order to replace the freedom and civility that Western society has enjoyed because of its Judeo-Christian roots, the secularists need to remove the Christian God from Western society. When the Christian God is gone His values will follow after Him.

First the Theory of Evolution was given the authority of an ex cathedra pronouncement from the Pope. This supposedly destroyed the need for God as Creator of the universe. From this Christian principals lost all divine authority and became merely cultural mores. After this, Christian principles were made politically incorrect, since how can one culture’s opinions be more valid than another’s without the Creator’s decree to back them?

Once Christianity had lost all authority and credibility, and God had sufficiently faded from people’s minds, the secularists could start making Christian beliefs and values illegal.

We now live in a time when God has been sufficiently separated from our culture by the secularist conspirators that they can now make the very mention of a biblical principle in public illegal.

The saddest part is that as they dismantle our hard-fought freedoms, cleverly annulling them right under the electorates noses, the politically and philosophically uninformed cheer. What these pawns in the secularist’s game don’t realise is that

…although it is Christians who are losing their freedoms today, it will be everyone else tomorrow!