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The Secular Dream

It has long been the dream of a very powerful and determined group of atheists, pantheists, socialists and other haters of the Christian God to create a secular socialist utopia across the world.

This secular utopia would be centrally-planned by an elite group of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats who would define the needs, wants, jobs, beliefs, morality and desires of the masses “from on-high”.

Progress for these utopianists has been gradual but they are a very persistent bunch! After all, it is no small feat to lead freedom-loving democratic nations into global tyranny.

Replacing Nations With Regions

Secular strategy so far has been to dilute democracy by removing the decision making power from accountable national politicians and placing the real power into the hands of unelected international bureaucrats.

People are being “re-educated” to think in terms of global citizenship rather than national citizenship. International trade, multi-national corporations, global poverty and carbon emissions are just some of the “causes du jour” that have been manipulated and used as excuses by the secular utopianists to remove democratic freedoms from nation states and further their globalist agenda.

International bureaucrats have gradually developed the power to make global laws and directives that are binding on individual nations. Failure to comply with these international laws results in heavy international sanctions for the offending nation. The end result is the thwarting of national democracy.

Replacing Individual Voters With National Voters

When supranational bodies start making international laws democracy and freedom are severely threatened. Where it used to be individuals voting for their leaders, it now becomes leaders voting for their leaders.

The individual is pushed back into irrelevance in the chain of democratic accountability which is so crucial to a free society. This distancing of the individual from the decision-making processes of a nation is fatal to a free and democratic society.

Replacing National Legislatures With Supranational Legislatures

Once a supranational body has implemented a new law or directive it becomes near impossible for the “elected” leaders of a nation state to pursue policies that go against those laws. The end result is that the different political candidates in each nation end up promoting almost exactly the same things because their hands have been tied by supranational directives.

On the road to totalitarianism, party differences become more a matter of spin and marketing than actual substance.

Living in Great Britain through the governments of Tony Blair for the Labour Party and now David Cameron for the so-called “Conservative” Party has acutely demonstrated this problem. The two main British parties which are supposed to be worlds apart on the key issues in British politics both now champion liberal/progressive agendas. Vive la différence!

Sure the two parties have some surface differences which the mass media does its best to highlight, encouraging the illusion that the electorate decides the path of the nation, but the indomitable direction of politics in Great Britain is left, liberal and secular regardless of the will of the voters.

Who would have ever thought that a party that is supposed to “CONSERVE” traditional British values would throw traditional marriage and traditional family out the window. The “new” Conservatives have managed to destroy the traditional British family, something that tradition leftists in the Labour Party only ever managed to dream about!

When National Rulers Can’t Rule Why Vote?

Many have commented on the lack of interest that young people these days show towards politics. Voter apathy is at an all-time high in most Western nations with football matches attracting far more national interest than political debates.

People know inherently that politics is a dirty game these days. I don’t think it is too far from the truth to say that most people feel that you can’t trust a mainstream politician as far as you can throw him!

Politics has become all about PR and spin-doctoring, with facts and truth being nothing more than what you can convince the majority to believe.

Politicians renege on their word so often, or at least speak in such vague fluffy language that they cannot be nailed down on what their word actually was, that nobody really wants to listen anymore.

Add the impartial, misrepresentative, politically liberal, leftist narratives of the mass media into the mix and normal citizens have no chance of untangling the web of misinformation, double-talk and hot-air that is spewed forth from the political arena on a daily basis.

Is it any wonder that many people don’t find the time to take part in the democratic process when they know that whatever politician they vote for will probably not keep the promises he made during his election campaign or at best find a way to wheedle out of them.

When it seems clear that whichever way you vote the country will continue to head in exactly the same direction as the previous government headed, why bother to vote!

Voter Apathy – The Secular Utopianist’s Best Friend

Voter apathy is exactly what the secular utopianists need to transform supposedly Judeo-Christian nations who value freedom, free markets and broadly Christian morality into their dream society – a secular, autocratic, morally “fluid” socialistic super-state.

A politically ignorant and uninterested electorate will not notice the freedoms they have come to take for granted being slowly eroded, removed and replaced.

Big Brother Knows Best

The mass media coupled with free government hand-outs has managed to convince most of us that the government only has our best interests at heart so we should really stop worrying about what the political elites are doing and just let them get on with it!

They are the experts after all!

Who are we to meddle in such lofty affairs of state? Oh, and here is some free (paid for by others) healthcare, free housing and free food to persuade you of how much the government really cares for you if you don’t believe it already!

Of course the dark reality behind government hand-outs is the immense power it gives the government to coerce the public.

Don’t agree with the governments Equality Commission on morality well then I’m afraid you aren’t elligble for this or that tax credit. You certainly can’t have a job in the ever increasing public sector, and don’t even think of trying to adopt children!

The secular utopianists and other shades of liberal/progressives who control much of the government have already used the social coercion of political correctness very successfully to pull the public along with their secular agenda, but imagine what they could do if they could cut your benefits or free housing as well as just making you a social pariah!

Suddenly speaking out against a government “enforced” belief would result in you being homeless or not being able to put food on the table for your children.

If that doesn’t spell the end of freedom and democracy I don’t know what does!