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You Will Know Them By Their Fruits

Discerning the Rotten Core of the Modern Progressive Movement

The last few years has seen the gradual increase in influence of a class of people who deceptively label themselves “progressives”. Their sole raison d’être seems to be to undermine the Christian foundations of the West and subvert the hard-fought principles of freedom and individual liberty that are so fundamental to the Western way of life.

Whilst there is a broad spectrum of belief amongst “progressives”, there are some unifying characteristics by which they can be identified. At the heart of their ideology is an irreconcilable hatred of Biblical Christianity. Most progressives have been indoctrinated through secular education and an unashamedly “progressive” mass media to believe that the central tenets of Christianity are provably false and worse – immoral, cruel and oppressive.

Spurred on by the pseudo-intellectualism and anti-Christian propaganda of the New Atheist movement – championed by scientists such as Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett, progressives have been brainwashed into believing that the vast majority of the world’s problems can be traced back to religion, specifically Christianity – the religion of “Western oppression” as their narrative goes.

From the oppression and extermination of the American Indians to the slaughter of Jews and Muslims during the Crusades, leaders of the New Atheist movement have made careers out of blaming Christianity for all the world’s atrocities. Dawkins, Dennett and Co. have used their scientific credentials and resulting authority to propagate a completely one-sided and unrecognisably distorted picture of world history in which the Christian God is the arch-villain and supreme enemy of humanity.

Thanks to New Atheist indoctrination, most people today have been deceived into believing the truth claims of the Bible are nothing more than a nationalistic fairy-tale that “science” has proven false.

At the heart of the New Atheist propaganda is the false claim that “science and reason” belong to atheism and faith and fairy-tale to “religion”.

Forget the fact that Christians established so many of the scientific disciplines or that so many great scientists have been Christians.

Forget all the theistic arguments (teleological, cosmological, ontological etc.) which use premises based on scientific investigation and then logic and reason to conclude a theistic universe.

Truth is far less important to the New Atheism than winning the ideological war by any means necessary. The atheist shell game involves arbitrarily asserting that reason and religion are mutually exclusive therefore denying theism the luxury of reason and debate before any evidence is even considered.

The New Atheists claim “science” for themselves, but the sad irony is that their methodology of censorship and intimidation is about as far from the spirit of true “science” and honest investigation as East is from West. The tragic result of the atheist coup against reason and science is that Christianity has been unjustly stripped of its intellectual and thus moral authority.

Since atheism has duped everyone into believing that Christianity is irrational and anti-science, why should any rational person adhere to Christian morality – the foundational value system of Western society?

Perhaps the most irrational of all New Atheists, are those who call themselves “conservative”. “Conservative” atheists are trying to conserve values that rest on the Christian worldview whilst denying Christianity itself. This is utter foolishness and the result is complete moral confusion, otherwise known as progressivism. These supposedly “non-progressive” atheists will of course say that the conservative values they support are what have been proven to be best for humanity/ society/ their family/ them, so belief in God is not necessary. The problem is that what is “best for humanity” will depend on who you ask and will inevitably be decided by those with the biggest guns, and those with the biggest guns inevitably form the state.

This is the legacy of the New Atheism – an overbearing, God-replacement of a state, with no societal moral grounding that can restrain its power!

The modern progressive movement is a direct result of the moral void created by the intellectual chicanery of the New Atheists. Not only did they take away the intellectual authority of Christianity but they so slandered and vilified the Christian God that those unconvinced by atheistic pseudo-science still came to see Christianity as cruel and oppressive. The result has been a dramatic shift in ideology amongst the next generation, away from objective morality and truth, towards Eastern mysticism, moral-relativism and New Age Spirituality. These ideologies have proved a fertile bedrock for modern progressivism.

In many ways the huge gain in popularity of progressive ideology is a consequence of the failure of mainstream Christianity to adequately rebut the half-truths, distortions and anti-Christian vitriol of the New Atheism. The New Atheists launched their attack against Christianity at a time when most of the mainstream churches had abandoned Biblical Christianity and had subsequently been crippled by theological liberalism, higher criticism and the denial of the miraculous. This watered-down pseudo-Christianity was completely ill-prepared to deal with such a vicious and slanderous enemy, and as a result the atheists’ accusations went largely unanswered.

The problem for the modern progressive movement however, is that where liberal mainstream churches failed to answer atheist attacks against Christianity, Bible-believing, evangelical Christians have not.

Whilst atheist scientists, leftist academia and progressive media outlets have done their best to marginalise, silence or censor challenges to atheistic materialism masquerading as science, Christian scientists and philosophers are creating new avenues to make their voices heard.

Thanks to the Internet it is possible to find excellent rebuttals by top philosophers and scientists to any atheist half-truth you may encounter. There is now, no intellectual justification for dismissing a priori, the moral teachings and truth claims of the Bible despite the irrational shrieks of die-hard atheists.

Progressives are not taking this affront to their political and “intellectual” hegemony lying down and are employing the exact same techniques atheistic scientists have been using to keep Christianity at bay – namely redefining terms to exclude non-atheistic conclusions, name-calling, censorship and marginalisation. Progressives add to the New Atheist M.O. the technique of government sanction and the attempted criminalisation of any view that opposes their dogma.

Despite the anti-intellectual and coercive methods used by progressives to maintain their credibility, Christian apologists are destroying the ideological foundations of progressivism. The intellectual validation accorded them by the New Atheists is fast being demolished and with it the progressives’ right to challenge the millennia long established morality of the Judaeo-Christian worldview. Since Christianity can no longer be dismissed as irrational and anti-intellectual by the semantic sophistry of the New Atheists, progressive dogma must now defend itself against Biblical morality in the marketplace of ideas.

Progressive values are founded on subjectivism / human opinion, whereas the Bible’s teachings claim to have the very authority of the Creator of the universe behind them. Name-calling, shouting and censorship will not longer cut it!